Sunday, June 29, 2014

the next step...

I wanted to share an update with all of you that come by Common Ground, regularly. I've long ago realized that there are some of you that are more than "casual" friends. You are real friends that care about me as a person, and I feel the same about you all. Lately my posts have been for you...

the ones that care about what's happening to me in life, and that I don't have to "entertain" and impress. Thank you, to all of you who care about the person behind the blog, and that realize that sometimes,  "Life Happens", and it's not always about pretty pictures, lovely houses, and the latest and greatest. (although, we all still love that too!)

Before I tell you about my week, I want to tell you about these wonderful (I have two) little beeswax candles that I ordered along with a bee skep for my baker's rack. I had been feeling pretty down and these were waiting for me when we arrived home. I'll share the bee skep soon, but thought this little vintage floral saucer said "Summer" right along with a sheet of vine-y greens from my wallpaper sample books. 

(gosh, I love wallpaper, but get tired of one particular pattern too soon)

 The order contained this little tied herb bundle 
and some cinnamon wax melts. 

I have two sets of these cups and saucers,
 but the other's must be packed away...somewhere.

OK, so back to my last week. We headed to my appointment in St. Louis with my new cardiologist and she was everything I had hoped for...articulate, informative, intelligent (of course), friendly, listened to what I had to say, had read through all my stacks of records that had been sent to her...and she was also funny and relateable. She's the kind of person that I'd like as a friend. So, she set me down and drew out a diagram of what she could tell about my heart and all the "workings" of my specific arteries, veins, and other important aspects of my cardiovascular system. She apologized for her lack of artistic talent, but told me more in 20 minutes than my other cardiologist had in 12 years.

She tried to get me in for a heart catheterization the next day, but because of this 4th of July holiday, it will be next week. So we go back and see what's currently going on, then. She has already said that open heart surgery will be needed because of an artery that is not working well. (a new one will be grafted in) With cardiovascular disease, I've had several calcified arteries that "wear out" too quick, so that has to be replaced. (they take a vein from my leg to replace it) yuk, I know. The rest of the problems will be better seen next week during the procedure. 

But I feel like a hundred pound weight has lifted off of me. I have hope for a better quality of life, and it was refreshing to have a doctor that actually listened to what I said and then answered my questions, and felt I deserved to actually have my issues addressed and corrected. It was a good experience and I'm so glad I followed God's leading and waited for the right doctor and timing.

I've just started this new part of the journey, but having "hope" means everything. I've said it before, but it's worth it to stress...if you are unhappy with your doctor or caregivers or don't feel like you're being "heard" please don't give up. Find a way to see a specialist. It can literally save your life.

I'll try to stay in touch with you all, but I don't know what the schedule will be after the angiogram. I'll check back in when I can. Thanks for sticking with me and for checking in...

love you all,
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