Sunday, April 20, 2014

Thoughts this Easter...

I've been saving this for Easter, and actually, I'm not finished yet with this small statue. It still needs to be sealed with a spray clear poly or sealant. I had it on top of my craft cupboard in my old studio along with some vintage religious prints.

I found it quite a few years ago, and it is from Mexico. It had the brightly colored robes and somewhat "touristy" look to it. I'm not Catholic, but I still love the presence of religious icons and crucifixes to cause us to be mindful of His great sacrifice, love, and care. And when I began my collection of vintage Jesus prints, this statue remained with them.

When I started packing the studio, I knew that I wanted a more subdued look, but hesitated to change the original. I knew if I was going to keep this, it would need to be more calming to the eye and spirit. So a mix of chalk paint with a wash of burnt umber was in order. Please don't be offended by my decision to "makeover" Jesus. I find this much more contemplative and soothing in the grays. 

This is an old postcard from Jerusalem that I've had for years. The frame is chipped and cracked, but is original with the inscribed card. I used Google translate and found that it's German: Ev. Erlöserkirche, which means Church of the Redeemer. I found it in an old musty antique shop in the very oldest part of St. Louis. 

I thought about the scripture that I wanted to share, and over and over the account of the two women in Matthew, who came to the tomb to finish the burial rituals, came to mind. An angel met them and told them not to be afraid, that "He has Risen". They were given the charge to go tell everyone what they had seen and heard. Never underestimate the spiritual power of a group of women!

And then on the way, the two Mary's met Jesus on the path.
He is still with each of us today,
 abiding in our hearts if we will only invite Him in. 

Be blessed this Easter,
much love to all my many Sisters in Christ,

joining in for Grey Dey at Petite Michelle Louise

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