Sunday, April 27, 2014

Mystery Solved...

There are times when you can look back and see where one small act changed the course of your life. What seems a random choice at the time, turns out to be one of those life altering occurrences. I'm sure we've all had them, but it's up to us, the individual, if we see them as coincidence, totally random, fate, luck, destiny, or maybe it was God moving us in a direction we wouldn't have otherwise traveled.

I'm going to tell you about one of mine...

It was after Christmas about nine years ago that I was cleaning off the downstairs mantel, putting away all the Christmas decor. I totally stripped down the large rustic wood beam that has always been a challenge to decorate properly. I tried several things but nothing seemed "right". I had a picture in my head about some sort of wooden box that would look good up there. I tried a few things we had, and nothing worked; too big, too small, wrong shape...nothing worked. The weekend came and I was on a mission to find "The Box". The "picture" I had was of a smallish box with a keyhole...I would know it when I saw it.

Real long story hubbs and I decided to scope out all the antique malls and fleas in the area,. We'd have a fun weekend out and about, but in my heart it was the quest for this special box. So on Sunday afternoon, we happened into an antique mall that we hadn't been to before. Hey, my husband knew the owner from growing up with him and we chatted and reminisced before we checked out the booth spaces. Time got away from us and it was almost closing time when I spotted this worn out and used hard wooden box. Hallelujah, I knew right away that it was THE box I'd been looking for.

The markings on the top were worn out and barely discernible, the finish was rough and flaking, but it was the right size and had the keyhole. I brought it home, ran downstairs to the mantel, placed it in the center and said a "thank you, Jesus" prayer. It worked.

Fast forward, we started several antique mall spaces there, and never looked back. That was the beginning of our business. I'd been buying and selling antiques my whole life, but never had a shop or space. So the search for a small wooden box was the motivation to move us forward for a really wonderful time in our life. The antique malls, flea markets, and small shops eventually led me to this blog, and so here I am having gotten to know you all. And this has been one of the most rewarding times of my life.

Are you still interested in the "mystery"?

Well, we never could figure out what the box had been originally made for. We knew the inner lining and workings were gone. It also had "Switzerland" stamped on the bottom. We now have it setting on the arched opening from the kitchen as a kitty deterrent. Of course the first thing the girls wanted to do was hop back and forth from the sink to the loveseat below the opening. ah no... not happening.

Last Monday night we were watching one of our fave TV shows "The Blacklist", when lo and behold, there was an almost replica of our little wooden box. It was a music box that had been given to Lizzie by her father many years ago. If you don't watch the show, you're missing out. This is one of the best on television right now, so go catch up, it's a totally fascinating story line.

These are some photos from Google when I did a search.

I found examples of many different styles and sizes, each with a somewhat different design or crest on the top. I could barely make out the design on top of ours, which after searching, turned out to be a horn and probably a violin with other musical items. I never would have thought that it was a music box.

So, we finally have the answer to our little mystery after all these years;
A little worn out music box that has changed our lives...

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  1. Yes! Lizzie's music box! We watch Blacklist, one of two favorites (the other being Scandal). Love your story and the path it's led you on. So happy to have made your acquaintance too, Debra. Have a relaxing Sunday.

  2. Delightful Debra. God's path is the best. xo, Olive

  3. Love the story, and yes we watch Blacklist and agree with you. I sure enjoy visiting you. Di@Cottage-wishes.

  4. Ohhhhhhhhhh Debra how awesome you solved your mystery box. I watch the Blacklist it is one of my all time fav shows and I saw Lizzie's music box. What a fun post today. Loved the story of how you started up your business too that lead you to the blog. So happy it did. It has been so much fun getting to know you through blog land.

  5. That is a fascinating story! I am so curious to know if you got the box open. Maybe I missed it. So glad you found the box that motivated you to start on your journey. Great post!

    1. yep, a keyhole but no key! the inside is a mess, I took a photo, but didn't show it!

  6. Love the box & the story and Blacklist is my new favorite show.

  7. I love a mystery! The journey to finding out the story behind the box was awesome. What a meaningful treasure you have.


  8. I thoroughly enjoyed the story of the little box, and I believe that God does put us in places to find our way sometimes, and in your case, it was searching for the box. You have one of the best blogs out here, so it does seem like it was what you were meant to do (or part of it!)...Now, where is this antique mall?

  9. Isn't it fun to have something like that and find out something so interesting about it?


  10. What a sweet story of your adventure in antiques.

  11. Enjoyed the story - thanks for sharing it with us.
    Hope you are enjoying the weekend.

  12. I so enjoyed the unraveling of your mystery, the way we were weaved through your story as you both were in finding yours. Since I love a good mystery I was happy your share it with us. I love finding the "history" of pieces I own, makes it so much more special and personal knowing its origin. I wish you had the key, I have a vintage dresser I'm selling at my booth, and I "kept" the key! I couldn't part with it, hope that doesn't make me bad! I could not imagine you not blogging since you are truly one of my most favorites. So this little box has really ended up "fulfilling" you life in so many ways. Maybe I should start watching the Blacklist!

  13. What fun, so glad you were able to figure it out! Yes, watch the show and love it!

  14. Debra,
    What a precious story, dear friend!!!
    This "little box"' has been a true "blessing" in your journey of life.
    Perhaps instead of a music box, it has become "a blessing box">
    Have a wonderful week ahead!

  15. I love stories like that! Now that you say it...I clearly see the musical items on the lid!

  16. What a lovely story! Glad the mystery was solved for you!!

  17. Hi Debra, what a great testimony of how God works in our lives. The box is beautiful. Thanks for sharing your story. I enjoyed it.
    Wishing you God's best, Elaine

  18. such a great story, debra:) you not only found "the" box but, your husband reconnected with his past--LOVE the blacklist, too!

  19. I love this story and the darling box. So beautiful.

  20. Good detective work! Don't just love being able to solve something like this. Darling box!

  21. What a wonderful story, Debra. It would be fun to hear a everyone's story in a nutshell about where they are in life, their business and interests, and how they got to blogging. And your music box is so neat!
    Hugs to you sweetie! Have a joy filled week!

  22. Oh what an incredible story....we just never know where life will lead us and when thinking back upon those moments, it is then that we have that "ah ha" moment....such a beautiful music box to treasure forever...glad you finally found out what the box was originally made for.

  23. How nice that you finally found out what the bow is!

  24. Hi Debra,
    It's amazing how you found out about the box. I love the Black List too and I'm looking forward to seeing it tonight. What a great connection.


  25. I knew even before you said it that it was a music box. I have seen them over the years - and once you said "Switzerland" that was the ah-ha moment.

    What a neat neat neat story, thanks so much for sharing! Hugs.

  26. What an enchanting story!!!~~Angela


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