Friday, December 6, 2013

Have a Cuppa Low Cal Hot Spiced Tea

There's a reason why I totally went with this great pic 
from Lipton of their Hot Tea.
I cannot photograph food.
or drinks...
at least not well enough to make it look appetizing.

I remember having this delicious hot spiced tea
also know as "Russian Tea" or "Southern Spiced Tea".
When I was young I could sip on this all afternoon.
I would make big batches of it, blissfully unaware...
But I stopped making it because of all the sugar.
It has a ton of sugar.
and I rarely use sugar.
Maybe Splenda or Truvia.
Before you could say "Brrrrr, It's Cold Outside",
I would have consumed hundreds of calories
and waaaaaay too much sugar.
not gonna happen anymore.

Recently Pinterest was abuzz with pics and recipes for this yummy cold weather pick me up, and it had me reminiscing about how good this recipe was, and how it warmed you on a snowy, blustery day. Like today.

These were taken from my front porch...
I'm not getting out in it.

Now that there is sugar free lemon flavor iced tea mixes and Sugar Free Tang, I thought, "now wait a minute. I can still have this without tempting the Diabetes that runs in my family". (do you ever think out loud?) I really don't want to rile that monster up.

(what did I tell ya, no way to make this pretty.)

Super simple to put together. I used generic individual Splenda Lemon Iced Tea Mix and No Sugar Orange Koolaid cause hubby couldn't find Sugar Free Tang. Then just added equal packages of both in a plastic container; plus some cinnamon, and Splenda or Sweet n' Low or Truvia to taste. I just use about 2 rounded teaspoons full in a mug with boiling water. really good, tastes the way I remembered.  And's like I'm 20 again! 

stay warm!
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