Sunday, December 15, 2013

Christmas Mantel

I've realized that if I don't get with it, Christmas will be here and I haven't had a chance to share all that I've been doing. Actually Christmas decorating has been low key this year. I've been snowed in, the weather just keeps dumping ice and snow on us, and we live in a subdivision where nothing is done to the streets. My hubbs has to brave them each day, but I'll just be here at home...complaining.

(I never thought I'd say that I miss the mall, and all the wacky Holiday traffic...)

Not much has changed on the mantel since right after Thanksgiving. I did get the Holly cut and arranged in some of my ironstone pitchers. I had had 5 of them lined up, but when the Holly went in, it was too much. I've tried adding greenery and several other little accents to the mantel, but each time I've taken it down. It just felt like too much "stuff". So, this is my version of "understated".

I had been wanting white lanterns for several years and just couldn't find the right ones. Originally, I had wanted to put them on the front porch, but after my pumpkins were stolen at Halloween, I decided against it. And they are wooden, so it wouldn't work for them to be in the weather. These came from Pottery Barn, and even though I knew how tall they were, their size surprised me when they arrived. So the hearth was the only place they "fit".

I wanted to find big fat candles to put inside,
 but wah wah wah, I'm snowed in!!

They got a little fancy schmancy damask ribbon and I ended up putting some paperwhites inside. I ordered 80 bulbs this year: a little ambitious, so there are paperwhites all over the place. I'll share some other containers full this week.

Sort of plain, but then I'm not feeling like "over the top" this year.

I have two HUGE Holly bushes out back who most of the year my husband fusses about. Thank goodness they redeem themselves this time of the year, otherwise they would be gone.

Just a teensy pop of red in this room, this year.
All the plaid is in the Dining Room and Sunporch.
(now, that's where I went crazy!)

a bit more festive...

I wanted to join in on Pamela's Mantel Party
and I'll be partying around the town this week.

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Hope you're having a wonderful weekend, 
Guess it's time to get out of my pajamas...


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