Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Painted Ceramic Cornucopia and a Thanksgiving Sunporch

Thought I'd share a few of the little changes that have taken my sunporch from Halloween to Thanksgiving. I brought out some of my vintage turkeys, my wool plaid throws, and my hooked wool pillows. I always look forward to this time in November to make the sunporch all warm and snuggly. My passion for plaid goes wild in the winter, and if I could drape a tartan plaid blanket over every surface I would. hmmmm.... I may have already done that.

I almost forgot that I had purchased this ceramic cornucopia on sale last Thanksgiving. I think it must have come from Hobby Lobby, and was still wrapped in paper and in the sack, as it had been sitting on my shelves in my workroom since last winter. It didn't start out white, and I bought it knowing full well that it would have to go under the white paint brush before I could use it.

Yep, here it is, not bad, just not what I had in mind for it.

Some Old White ASCP did the trick with a little shading with some gray and brown craft paint, and a coat of  Minwax Liquid Poly. much better.

I have several turkey platters; this is one of the less expensive ones.
They're pretty much to be found at any flea market in the Fall.

Keeping the platter company is my white Turkey Tureen perched on a book.

My Fall "Seed Box" I made last Spring.
Click Here if you missed how I made my own "Vintage Seed Boxes".
I'll show you how you can make one for yourself.

One of my favorites in this transition is just to layer on the wool plaid blankets. Here's one on top of an old white mattelasse bed cover that I've been using. I love using white and neutrals as a base with my furniture, but going all white out here just doesn't work. It's cold and lifeless, so it always gets loaded up with seasonal color. 

I still have a little more "Thanksgiving" to share with you (I like to keep my web photo diary up-to-date), then I'll be doing the transition to Christmas. About now I always start removing the orange leaves and adding in my evergreens. My little Autumn trees are up now, and I'm enjoying the lights in the evenings, looks so cozy. Once I get my trees up, Christmas comes in little by little.
Do you have ways to transition from Thanksgiving to Christmas without it being totally obvious to your Thanksgiving guests that you have ants in your pants for Christmas decor? 

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