Sunday, March 3, 2013

The Skinny on Spring Wreaths

Each new season you'll find me fiddling with silk flowers and putting together wreaths, and this weekend I've been working on one for the front porch. But finding one that will fit is always a problem. Most of the time I just give up and go with a bunch of silk branches or flowers for the large wicker cone that's on the side of the front porch.

But last year we had an upset with some little finches that wanted to make a nest in the cone with my faux flowers. I thought I had managed to escape having to leave out green poinsettias until May...but no. They were all over that wonderful spot. So when I was able to hijack their plans, or so I thought, a nest of little eggs were dashed on the front porch concrete by accident. Well, birdie lover that I am, I felt horrible and realized that I would have to do better this next nesting season. 

That meant NO WICKER CONE!!!!
(said in the tone of Mommie Dearest's "NO WIRE HANGERS!!")

Here's a pic from last Fall so you can see the problem;
Lovely nesting spot in the white cone to the left.

 Please excuse the pumpkins,
but you can see what I mean.
...the perfect, out of the way, nesting spot.

You can also see my dilemma with my finding a wreath for the door. It's one of those glass storm doors, that only give you a few inches to work with. So if I put a wreath on the door, it has to be super skinny!

So, here's a better shot of my make-do creation, 
hanging on a recent purchase from Pier 1.
That naughty Nita, made me go out and buy this...

Isn't this blackboard just so cute and scrolly?
I have plans for it on the sideboard in the hall after Easter.

 OK, so back to my wreath dilemma...
I found a skimpy one in my stash, with white berries,
(Michael's for about 8 bucks)
which works for Christmas or Spring,
but it was too blah,
and needed something else...
like a twig or two of forsythia and a nest.
Just grabbed a few extra goodies from the flower bin and wired them on.

I think this may have saved the day.

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Have a wonderful Sunday!
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