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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Seeing red...

I have a little case of Spring Fever. Last week when it was gray and gloomy my wheels started turning about doing something to change up the downstairs sitting area.  And when I say "most of my attention" that means the sofa. Yes, the sofa that's had a slipcover on it for the last almost three years.  It was boring me, and it looked a little "sloppy".  This is one of those areas I'm just never happy with, but it's not a place I want to put the big buck$ into.  

Enter 2 wonderful linen toile thrifted pillows...
yes, with fringe and real feathers.

I know there are several of you that have these, and you know how fabulous they are. I could not pass them by at $25 dollars a piece. I actually had to go back the next day, the whole time crossing my fingers and saying a selfish prayer that they would still be there. Yes, I can be selfish and self absorbed at times. ( I know, totally hard to believe...)

I passed them by the first time, because I didn't know what I would do with them...where to put them...because they're BIG. B.I.G. Back to the sofa... so a few years ago I bought the off-white slipcover for this monster red fruit and floral couch. I loved this sofa when I bought it 10 years ago, but as you can see...it's RED. R.E.D. and my "red" days were numbered. I broke my cardinal rule in decor. Only buy neutral big ticket items. Save the flowers and color and prints and busy-ness for the accessories. I broke my own rule, because I thought I was in love, and that I would be... for eternity. I think in 10 years it's been sat on a sum total of maybe 25 times and is in pristine condition.

OK, so maybe I was secretly wanting to try out having just a teensy bit of red back. maybe... just a teensy bit. I know that sounds silly to some of you, but when you've spent the last three years going "whites" and "neutrals" then it can be a little intimidating (and bright).

So out came a vintage quilt that has a fun little plaid on the back.
OK, that helped tone down the red.


So, I'm kinda, sorta, getting used to the little bit of red again.

coming up...the Holiday Cupboard for Easter.
Thank goodness it's much easier, 
and less expensive to change than sofas.

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  1. Oh, I know just how you feel! My navy sofa and love seat are now 23 years old and they just. Won't. Wear. Out. I need 4 of those fabulous pillows!!!

    I love red, so it's looking good to me. :)

  2. That looks great. :) I still love red...don't think that will change. I am trying to figure out what to do with a solid red couch that is upstairs right now. Think the ideas are starting to come together.

    We have bosporus pillows in our family room. Love them!

  3. Red is my favorite color, love your couch and pillows!

  4. I love the vintage styled pillows! The textures are gorgeous. A pop of red, my heavens, Miss Debra! It reminds me of when we first got in trouble for wearing red lipstick. Flaunt it!

  5. Beautiful color Debra! LOVE,LOVE those pillows!

  6. Those pillows are fantastic, Debra! Where did you find them for $25.00? That fabric alone is almost $20.00 a yard. I know because I bought some from Hobby Lobby. Just a small amount to recover a lampshade in my master and I got a pillow out of it, too.

    My sofa was similar but mine was a dark blue floral. It is now the sofa I have with the white slipcover. It also wasn't sat on much in our living room at the old house. For a 10 year old sofa it was in great shape but I couldn't take the blue floral anymore. It was worth it for me to buy the white fabric and have a slipcover made for it.

  7. Debra,
    What an awesome price for those beautiful pillows...happy that they were still there waiting for you.


  8. I LOVE those pillows and I actually love all your red. I think it is classic and timeless...xo Diana

  9. Debra - I LOVE the red couch. I think the pillows look lovely on it.


  10. Debra, I have always loved the toile of your new pillows. Great deal on them too.
    xx, Sherry

  11. I love red, added in with the neutrals and whites... perfect:) I like it with the quilt on it! Beautiful changes my friend! Several of my blog friends, like you, are inspiring me to change things up around my home! Have a blessed week dear friend, HUGS!

  12. Oh this is just lovely!!! The pillows are just the right touch! LOVE your room!


  13. I do not think I could have passed up those pillows too....great deal and they look wonderful on your sofa!

  14. Wow, Debra they are really big and half the price of mine. Good deal.

  15. Ok Debra
    You know I am a white and cream girl but I have to say I like the red! I think it really brightens the room and love those pillows wow they are beautiful and what a deal. I think it is all lookin good

  16. It's okay to break your own rules from time to time. I know I do! Those pillows are so lovely - I'm jealous and want a few, too! And adding that quilt really made all the difference. I never would have thought to do that.


  17. There's nothing selfish about it Debra... you were meant to have the beautiful cushions and at that price, I'd say
    'what a bargain'.

  18. I did the same thing with a sofa and loveseat! Mine has the jewel tones, is floral, pink, green, turquoise, 20 years old and in absolutely like new condition. It rests in the basement where it is covered up and still not in use. I've tried to sell it, but no one wants to pay what it is worth! It has literally never been used. I do like it, so maybe the look will come back if I keep it long enough! Anyway, like how you toned yours down with the quilt and pillows. Great photos as always!

  19. Debra, I had to laugh-I can so relate to loving something that I buy, just knowing I'll love it FOREVER, then a little while later, ummm...well, you know! But even though I love my neutrals, I've always loved a pop of red in there, too. Your sofa looks fantastic! :)

  20. I of course love that toile material since I have a settee covered with it and bought enough material to cover my sofa and just never have , you have encouraged me to do something with the material that cost big $$$

  21. For me the only way a neutral room looks unique is if pops of color are added. I've always loved that fabric, that was a great price!!

  22. It struck me as I was looking at the pic of the sofa with the quilt on it, that I know just what would work! That is, of course, if you like the idea. Years ago I bought a Cabbages & Roses book that is all about their fabric line, whites with faded prints. Their 'Agnes' line came to mind for your sofa fix, and it will still give you a 'little bit of red'.

  23. Debra,
    Seeing red, indeed!!!
    I love red!!! So~o~o...I say, "Rip that quilt off and let the couch shine in all its glory!" Of course, you could add the quilt gently to the side!!!
    Love your helper in the last photo!!!

  24. The pretty pillows are enormous. I like the red sofa but I recently got converted to blue by way of a blue chenille rug so there.

  25. Oh Wow! What a find, those pillows are gorgeous and huge! I am in love with that toile fabric and the red looks great!

  26. OK...what sofa's are you guys buying then? We went to a well known, supposedly well made, furniture company. Our sofa is less than 5 years old and looks awful. But anyway, LOVE the pillows. Have always loved that fabric and those are fabulous. And you know, I'm a sucker for red, so I love it.

  27. I have that same toile. The pillows looks great on the sofa and it's a great idea to put the lighter colored quilt on top.

  28. I think the nice pop of red looks great with the white and the pillows are fabulous, Debra.

  29. It's beautiful, Debra! I still have some reds, too...that's what I love about whites and neutrals...special pieces and colors are highlighted!

  30. Hi Debra,
    I love your pillows. That fabric has always been one of my favorites!
    I once had the red fever, many years ago...but I'm with you I prefer neutrals, cremes and whites.

    Bet you that red won't last long in your room....betcha! LOL.


  31. They are just gorgeous! Perfect with any color! Love them SO much!

  32. I. Love. Red. Too! I just purchased a red sofa w/khaki trim and khaki/cream/red ticking stripe pillows. I make no apologies. I love it. It is so cozy in our den with the dark tan walls.

    One thought about your sofa is why not make (or have made if you don't sew) cushion covers in drop cloth fabric? It would be super cheap, easy to wash and break up your red. It would look great with your pillows too. Just a thought :)

  33. Those pillows are beautiful, and I love red and white. I love how you broke up the color with the white quilt.

  34. I LOVE the pillows!!! I have the same ones in my Family room! And a table skirt too with the same fabric! :) I love red too! I have tried and tried to keep things neutral and just can't! :)

  35. Debra, Congrats! I'll be featuring you this week at Simple & Sweet Fridays. Love the pillows.


  36. Your couch looks lovely with the vintage quilt on it! I also love the pillows! They are beautiful!
    Great look!

  37. I think the quilt and the pillows tone down the red just enough. i like it.

  38. Well I love them. I was crazy excited to get curtains in the blue version of this fabric. (for Valentine's Day) Would really really pretty please with sugar on top like to know where you found these that are so beautifully made and gorgeous?!!

  39. I was enamored with that same red fabric. Thank heavens I could only afford the pillows! Every once in a while I still want that pop of red but in small doses. Love your pillows and the quilt.


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