Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Romancing the Mantel

I wanted to bring in a little bit of a Valentine feel to my mantel. Last year I used some of my frenchy "couple" figurines, but this year I just opted for feminine and some pastels. I don't have a lot of pastels for decorating, so I turned to my kitchen china cabinet for some inspiration. How about some vintage English teapots? that sounds pretty romantic to me.

Last summer I was gifted with this precious monogrammed heart by my sweet friend Julia, from the blog Vintage with Laces. I had tried a few different things for the center of the mantel, but hanging this lovely linen heart from a scrolly mirror seemed to be the answer; a subtle nod to Valentine's Day, with just the right amount of romance.

I brought back my two white urns with faux and dried hydrangeas and roses in place of the white Wolff Pottery. This mantel is always hard for me to style as it is over 7 feet long...eeck.

My layered vintage mirrors are always my backdrop.

I would say that vintage teapots is my oldest collection, 
as I started it before I was married. 

Even though this didn't end up staying, I wanted to share this wonderful German wedding certificate that I found last year. I need to find a frame for it, but wanted to let you see it today as the graphics are so pretty, and definitely full of romance.

(just click on the  photo for a bigger image, then click again for details)

And another little random bit of romance is this little cardboard crown that I found in St. Louis several years ago and haven't yet shared with you.

Who wouldn't want to be "Queen for a Day" in this?

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