Saturday, November 17, 2012

Same time, last year...

This has been a pretty hectic month with my husband's doctor visits to St. Louis, (ear specialist), and because of that I just haven't been able to get everything done that I had wanted to for Thanksgiving. Case in point, I didn't get my Holiday Cupboard dressed for Thanksgiving. (just one of many little things) So as I was looking back through my posts, I thought I'd share again what I did last year at Thanksgiving. 

 This is in our lower level sitting area. 

It's always fun to come up with new vignettes each season
for this "married" cabinet and dresser.

squirrels and chipmunks
(hey, I heard they don't have chipmunks in Europe?)

this is my old chalk squirrel bank.

quail, turkey, and pheasant

white ironstone...

The season before Christmas gets a little "woodsy".

 love all my little fuzzy plastic vintage deer

and more ironstone pitchers

I'm counting the days until Christmas decorating starts.
the boxes are posed and ready to explode!

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