Wednesday, November 14, 2012

just thinking outloud...

I've realized after 3 and a 1/2 years of blogging, that this little niche on the www has become somewhat of a pictoral  diary of my decorating style. What I loved 10 years ago, I'm not so crazy about any more, or even 5 years ago; how my ideas and concepts have evolved. What started out as a home with lots of extra space has become a little crowded, but filled with things I love and enjoy, and that hopefully reflect who I am.

I love "pretty", but I also love comfort, functionality, and simplicity. I love a good "trend" but you won't find me being a slave to it. I'm a mesh of a lot of decor styles, but "vintage" will always be the fundamental and basic premise of my style. I find myself, with each new season or holiday coming up, going back through my archives of posts to see what I did last year, or the year before. Let's change it up a little, I don't want to get into a rut. Some things are basically the same, but just tweaked a little. Other things are retired and sent the way of the antique mall space, but each loved and enjoyed for the time that it's part of my world.

I guess I'm going over all this to say that sometimes, I just like to have a place to peek back at, and then form a new plan for what's ahead. One of my favorite things to do is to go back through your blog archives and see what you all did last year. We really are an everchanging, growing, and inspirational bunch!

(my new plaid wool throw from Leola's, 
which brings in a little "Christmas Color")

Each season on the sunporch I start with a different quilt. 
Then layer on the pillows.
It's my place to have some fun.

I told you I had a couple more turkeys up my sleeve...

Now that it's cold outside,
 I enjoy the visual warmth of the Fall inspired woolens.
The kitties love their snuggle spots out here.
almost like being outdoors.

I'm pretty sure I enjoy this space more than any other in my home.

A lot of wind and a hard freeze a few nights ago,
took down most of the maple leaves.
Love the golden hue this casts.

In a week it will be time to put away "Fall" and Thanksgiving,
then bring out "Christmas".
Time to turn another page in the book.

I don't want this blog to ever be thought of 
as a place that is "show-offy".

I hope when you come to visit 
it's like coming by for a cup of tea
and a warm muffin...
put up your feet,
and tell me about your day.

Hope you're savoring the moment.
Enjoy life and the small pleasures.
thanks for always being here.
...for being a friend.
Thank you for being part of my life.


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