Wednesday, October 10, 2012

On the Deck

More Outdoor Fall Stuff,
this time on the deck.

Here's the view from my kitchen window, out to the back deck. I like to keep a seasonal vignette out here and change it up every year, and I wanted to do something totally different this Fall. I usually use a small barnwood wheelbarrow, but this year I grabbed a little black French wagon and added the old bushel basket and a watering can as a backdrop.

We had a limb come down from one of the maples in front early in the summer, so I nabbed it before it could be cut into smaller pieces. Hubbs knows not to argue, just save the thing in the garage and don't ask questions....

Of course I had a plan!
Why not just hang a Fall sign for pumpkins from it?

Up until last week I still had a few straggling hummies, so the feeder has been out. If you want to read about those amazing little birds and their migration south, then it will give you a new sense of wonder about how God is so evident in nature.

 Hard to get a picturesque shot from here, but an old ice cream maker bucket and a white washed apple basket are holding a few more mums, along with a few of my old watering cans.

Love the rusty patina on that old bucket.

Now, the deck would not be complete without a hidden camera shot of one of my little stinkers. This little fellow and a smaller one have been sneaking around here messing with the pumpkins and eating those "preserved" leaves that you find at Michael's and Hobby Lobby. I cannot imagine that they taste good, and could even be dangerous, but they have a fascination with them. Each day there are fewer of them in the basket...yuck.

no chewing on the pumpkins, please...

Hope you're having a great week. 
Fall is finally here, 
and I'm loving it!
(naughty squirrels and all)

joining in for
Transformation Thursday at the Shabby Creek Cottage


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