Sunday, September 16, 2012

What's on the sideboard this month...

Happy Weekend Everyone...

This is a rainy and cool one here in SW Missouri. But after this year's extreme heat and drought it will be a long time before I complain about rainy and cool. nope...happy for the change in seasons here. I wanted to share a few more spaces around the house that I've been decorating for Fall, so a rainy gray day doesn't effect the hall sideboard. It's always gray and hard to photo since there isn't any natural light. I always feel like I have to start off with an apology for the photos. They're never very good because I have to have all the bright lights on just to get anything remotely usable. But here goes...

I changed out my galvanized flower bucket
 for a wheat sheaf and some Fall apples and pears.
(oooh, and I found this great burlap-y linen wired ribbon, too)

I added in a fruit lithograph from the early 1900's, to the vintage window hanging there. I love that old window as a backdrop to my seasonal displays. Actually, I have a pair of these old lithographs, companion pieces, but this is my favorite with all the Autumn fruit in still life. I bought them both for about $40 at an antique mall here. I think the frames were the deterrent for them not selling at a much higher price The frame had been painted gold, but I decided to distress them down, and then realized they had been white underneath. I like the finish much better now. White, but with some of the gold still showing.

Here's my latest velvet pumpkin baby that I bought yesterday; so yummy in a creamy antique white. It has the real pumpkin stem which I love.

Still using the old metal tray with fruit. 
Love these dark rich colors for Autumn.

and my wine crates...

As you can see, things didn't change a lot with my sideboard tweaking. Just changed out the sunflower theme for a more Fall feeling with the fruit, wheat, berries, and pumpkins.

(July 2012)

I noticed while I was out yesterday
 that the mum and pumpkin stand is opening, 
I'll be there soon!!!


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