Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Dining Chairs Slip Cover Reveal

I'm so excited to have you meet my new little girls.
That's what my husband calls them, because they look like they are wearing new little dresses.

I don't ever want to come across as ungrateful. I have a lovely Dining Room, but it just wasn't where I wanted it to be. We moved here nine years ago; funny how our tastes can change over the course of the years. Our Dining Room isn't small, but it's also not huge and all the dark wood was overwhelming.
I lightened up the walls (papered and painted) two years ago, but even that didn't get me "there". I've toyed with painting the furniture white, but I never could make that final commitment, so I felt like it wasn't the right decision. waffle...waffle...fingernail chewing...

But a few months ago when I saw the custom chair slipcovers 
at my friend Debra's store, Inspirational Home, it all came together for me.
I knew this was the answer.

She has three different colors of linen, and each in two weights, (white, off white, and natural) I chose the off white, a nice antique white with just a hint of cream in it, in the heavier fabric.

I wanted to be able to see the outline of the chair, which I really love,
through the linen... just not see all that dark wood.
And it was important that they hug the shape of the crown on top.

The two other "girls" approve as you can see,
now if I can just keep them off of them as a napping spot.

I had six side chairs and two end chairs to slip.
I wanted them simple and feminine, 
but not too ruffly and prissy, so I went with a single ruffle
and a simple tie to knot.

We used a snap to attach the ruffle across the wooden arm.

Here is one of the two extra chairs with pillows I found at Antique Farmhouse. They sit either side of the breakfront.

For the first few days I was literally giddy...
they turned out just as I had envisioned them.

Here's the before, without the slips.

I love how the room looks now. 
It has the vintage feel, with maybe just a little French thrown in.

Just a note here to let you know I have no contact with the seamstress that made these for me back in 2012, and cannot be a liason to taking orders for chair slips. The reason I have this photo and link to the post is to share with my readers the construction of how you can make your own. The most important element besides exact measurements is the use of a template of the back of your chair. That gives a custom look and fit. Please contact a seamstress locally, then share your ideas from here. Thanks so much, Debra


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