Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Going a little "Crazy"

One of the first things that I did as soon as the kids walked out the door after Christmas was to go play in the sunporch. It doesn't have heat or air out there, but it IS such a big part of my decorating scheme, that I have to keep it changed up. Not because I'm out there lounging around, but because you see it from the kitchen. Plus the kitties love to go out and sit on their perches for bird viewing.

 I have a few old bird books that I love, and even though they may be vintage, I still use them on a regular basis. My hubbs gave me these opera glasses a few years ago for bird sleuthing out here.

I didn't make a lot of changes out here, but I did want to try something different on the wicker settee. I have a couple of crazy quilts, and this one is more "Winter-y", where the other is more "Fall-ish". I've tried using whites out here in the winter, but it doesn't work, it just looks like an "ice-box"...too cold...I have to have some color to visually warm it up.

 I also changed out the runner on the little coffee table for a burlap coffee sack from Germany, to have some added depth and texture.

 The baker's rack still has the touches of red on it, and just yesterday I planted some hyacinth bulbs. I've never tried them before. It's pretty chilly out here, but since they grow in the snow, I hope it will work.

These are just too tempting for the girls to leave alone. They want to chew on anything "green".

Finally time to open up my Cavallini Bird calendar.
love these, pure art!

This is the place for some hot cocoa and some woolly socks.
Remember last week how I couldn't believe it was so warm?
It's definitely January now!

Thanks for coming to visit!

I'm joining in for these parties this week;

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