Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Top Projects of 2011

Looking back over this last year, I found a few of my favorite projects to highlight. This first one was pretty quick and easy and turned a blah divided screen into a Frenchy beauty, using antique French lesson books, and tons of Mod Podge.

This petite dresser in the entry went from black to distressed white,
and was a "foreshadowing" of things to come!

Painting my laundry room, which can be seen right off the kitchen was long overdue. It took a few days but was well worth the effort! Now I'm not embarrassed with the view anymore!

And then it matched the kitchen re-do from late 2010.

One of the biggest projects I took on was the booth space at Relics Antique Mall. It's morphed several times this year, but the new tearoom should open this Spring, so I'm planning another space re-do at that time.

I'd wanted a potting bench for the last few years and this was my late Spring project that I enjoyed so much all Summer and Fall.

Then in July started the mother of all projects, at least it was for me this year; repainting all my Living Room furniture. This was a huge decision that I had wrestled with for quite awhile, then I just decided to take the plunge and go for it. So glad I did!

It has made a huge impact on our home and my emotions...

All together I think I painted close to 30 pieces of furniture,
and it took me the rest of the summer to get this room where I wanted it.

Then came this bad boy '80's Chandy
that I tackled on Labor Day!

Eight hours on the ladder and this was done! Painted by hand this is the icing on the "white" cake in the Living Room, what a change, and it saved us at least a thousand dollars of buying a new one and the installation. Big job, but wow, what a difference!

then came pillows...

table runners...

more table runners...

and playing with jewelry.

so  much fun!

Hope you enjoyed this ramble down Memory Lane of 2011.

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I have some fun things planned for 2012,
and I'll be spilling the beans soon...
so stay tuned!!!
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