Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Out on the Porch

I can't take credit for this one,
I totally stole it from my sister,
who stole it from Robin...

And mine is pretty lame in comparison to the one Robin
had at her wonderful Vintage Suitcase Open House a few weeks ago.

(can you see that cute plaid peeking out under all the awesome branches?)

Love this plaid from Thermos and Scotch Plaid
And it does seem like every post has some plaid in it this time of year...
maybe cause I'm just in love with it!


I haven't seen my sister's yet, 
but I'm sure it's way better than what I threw together.
Although, I DO have to say that this is REAL Holly
from my mega bushes in the back yard.
No faux here...

OK, the little trees are faux...
and the wreath...
and the green poinsettias...
But the Holly is real!

Things haven't changed too much since my 
pre-Thanksgiving makeover.
I just put my pumpkins out in the back for the critters to chew on.

There's one of my helpers at the front door.

I'm done, cause it is now way below freezing and I can't
stand to take any more pictures.

See ya tomorrow for 
Vintage Inspiration Friday
Hope you've dragged out all that old stuff,
cause we're havin' a party!!

Joining in for the Porch Party at 

and a little p.s.
Be sure and link up tomorrow for VIF,
'cause there's a cute little Santa Girl Necklace for a Give Away!

big hugs,
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