Saturday, December 10, 2011

Father Christmas in the House

I thought I would share a little more of the downstairs sitting area
where the Holiday Cupboard resides. 
This Santa, I like to call my "Father Christmas",
because he doesn't sport a red suit or have a sleigh.

He makes his gifts by hand 
and carries them in a burlap duffle over his shoulder.

He's a kindly old soul and sort of keeps to himself.

He walks with a lantern on a shepherd's crook
 and isn't known for loud bellows of Ho Ho Ho.
He's a much quieter sort.

The woodland creatures love him and reindeer
 have been known to pull a small cart for him on his journey.
He knows each child by name,
 and fashions their gift according to what they would love.
So glad you could meet my Father Christmas.

Lot of things on my table to keep the old man company:

Graphic print with some sweetie pie sheep.

I've shown this strange photograph several times before.
I love the authentic weirdness of it!

I don't have any history on it, but it looks European to me.

My table also holds a few of my vintage bisquit tins.

I found these this Fall

Some ironstone and a little quail.

Just a cozy spot to relax.

My mom made my Father Christmas character in the late 80's, 
and he's one of my favorite Christmas items.
She hand painted the face and stitched the garments.
She made quite a few to sell at a Christmas show one year,
and I was thrilled to receive him from her.
Each one was different and unique.

If you haven't linked up for the Vintage Christmas Edition of 
The Christmas Blogger Block Party,
it's still open, just scroll down to the next post.
Come join in on the fun!

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Hope you're having a fun Saturday,

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