Sunday, December 11, 2011

Christmas Home Tour

There are several Christmas Home parties this week and I wanted to share a little tour of the upstairs. I went with plaid and toile in the Dining Room this year, but the other rooms I wanted a more serene and spiritual influence.

This is my entry hall console table, that I painted white last year. I always want to keep "Christ" in Christmas; Him being the reason for the Holiday Season. I wanted to keep that my focus here. It all sort of flows together in the hall, entry and the Living Room, with an Old World feel.

I found this little oatmeal colored tree this Fall, and it fit perfectly in the big concrete urn. I always have a hard time decorating it for Christmas, but I really like this.

My smallish Christmas tree in the foyer is decorated with silver sugar and creamers. (another post coming on this) I have it setting in my black goat cart to give it a little more presence.

My prints and angel and silver are mostly flea market finds. (so much of my decor is vintage), I only purchased a few new items this year. One of those was the two lanterns from Inspirational Home. One is here, the other is on the sideboard.

A nativity snow globe is setting inside. And this is the mirror I bought last month at Pheona's Vintage Market. I wasn't sure where it would go when I brought it home, but I think I like it here, for the Holidays.

Inside the front door, a birch bark cone.

The Dining Room

and the Living Room.
If you're new to my blog, last summer I took a wild leap of faith
and painted most of my living room furniture white.

It was pretty traumatic and a lot of work,
but I love how it completely changed the look and feel of my home.

This is the sideboard this Christmas. I finally got my husband to hang this big ole window. It had been setting on the sideboard, but it took up too much space. I really enjoy decorating it. It was sort of bare until I hung the vintage Shiny Brites. Love how it turned out. I'll be doing a post on it later.

Then, the kitchen, where I have used the red and white again.

I've been "streeeeetching" my photos since my camera has been gone.
More fun coming...

I've been wrapping presents today,
it was getting so bad you could hardly walk in my studio.
only two weeks...


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