Saturday, December 3, 2011

Bad News, Good News

I know when I see post titles like this that I automatically think the worst..."oh no...what's happened?" Nothing earth shaking here, just a little blip on my radar screen. My camera that is attached to my hands is having to go back to the manufacturer for a tweak on a part.
After I had a slight melt down and panic attack I had to get real and deal with the situation. So here we have it...

The Bad camera will be gone for a week or so.
The Good's still under warranty.
The Bad's Christmas and I have so many photos I want to take.
The Good news...the camera isn't completely "broken" so I can still take a few shots for the next few days to "tide me over" until I have to get it in the mail.
The Bad news... I've realized I have a slight addiction to my camera, and "separation anxiety" is a horrible thing.
The Good news...I have all of you out there to gather inspiration and share.
The Bad hands are feeling weird like I'm getting ready to lose a few fingers or something...
The Good news...Pinterest
The Bad News...I'm not finished decorating...and taking pictures!
The Good News...It's Christmas!!!

OK, enough of the pity party...My photos may be minimum as I try to "streeeeeeeeetch" them out. I think I'm going to be doing a few inspiration hunting missions from you all out there in blogland. I've seen some great ideas and this is the perfect time to share them! So keep this in mind please and don't think I'm totally void of my own decorating and inspiration this year.

I'm hoping this won't be as traumatic as I'm thinking it could be. 

Here are a few more photos from the Dining Room,
to continue from Vintage Inspiration Friday...

Don't forget about all the fun coming up this week with the 
 Christmas Block Party

Vintage Inspiration Friday is still going strong,
just scroll down to join in.

Hope you're having a great Saturday.
I'm going to now go take pictures of every thing I can find!!

Addictions are a pain...

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