Monday, March 21, 2011

My ADD Weekend

Seems like there's a lot going on around here.
Painted and cleaned the laundry/kitty room.
Appliances that were finally delivered and installed last Friday,
Great new washer and dryer that sound like alien spacecraft are landing.
(the cats are spooked and peek around the corner)
and a new dishwasher that only made it through one cycle before it broke.

So I can't finish my painting in the laundry until the new dishwasher appears.
But hey, I'm sharing my Birthday pillow from my sweet sis.

She recently bought a Silhouette machine
and has been creating to her heart's content.
I was able to choose my design, so I went with my initials.
LOVE the burlap, and so do the kitties.

She also made the darling little fabric flower that's attached.

And then as part of the laundry room re-do,
 I wanted someplace to hide the multiple bags of cat food,
and other sundry cat supplies.

So we found this great box/trunk thingy with rope handles.
But the selling point was that it has bird decals on it.

It was super duper brown and homely,
so I gave it a little whitewash,
keeping the bird decals showing.
(not perfect, but better than it was)

(oh yes, you know I love me some birdies!)

I had wanted to do another bird window,
so this one is backed by vintage sheet music.

I did another one on vintage magazine paper,
but I forgot to snap a photo before I took it to Relics.

Lets see...I'm painting my Eastlake dresser in the entry hall white.
Putting up new curtains,
 and needing to make a run for some white faux wood shades
 for the laundy room.

Not to mention doing dishes...lots of dishes.

I'm linking up with these great parties:

catch ya on Thursday for
 Vintage Inspiration Friday!
love ya,
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