Thursday, October 7, 2010

Vintage Inspiration #6 Porch Party!!

Hi Everyone!
Today is the day for the
Fall Porch Party
here at
Vintage Inspiration Friday!

Welcome to my Home

Our house faces south, but with all the large trees around here,
we don't get a lot of sun on the porch.
And since my hard maple in front,
 doesn't show Fall color till later this month,
I have a lot of shade and dappled sunlight.

I love having a front porch, wish it was larger,
but I enjoy decorating what I have,
and the stairs give me a great place to display my mums and pumpkins.

Earlier, I was trying to think of what to use this year on the porch,
Then I remembered my concrete planters in the back full of impatiens.
They were repotted and I hauled these babies up front,
to hold my mums.
(And I do mean HAULED)

I have several vintage metal picnic tins,
and love to include them in my vignettes
since I can cram fill them full of vintage goodies and plants.

These little guys were needing a big drink.
I love mums and pumpkins of every color and variety.

My orange watering can is hiding back there. 

super duper cute curly stem on this one

Love my little "Half" park bench chair
although my son in law fusses every time they have to drag luggage
through the front door..."hey", Keith!!

I've had mysweet little concrete Momma and Baby squirrels for over 20 years. 

Hope you'll  join in on the party!
Just grab a pumpkin,
and your camera,
and take a pic.

Remember, even if your not doing your porch today,
please join in with whatever vintage inspiration
that you may have!

October Give Away!!!

Just be a party goer and you're automatically entered!

Have a Wonderful Inspired Week!


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