Monday, October 11, 2010

The Heart of the Home

We've heard the phrase
"the Heart of the Home",
and yes, the kitchen truly is.
So I'm sharing a few photos today of my kitchen.

We moved here over 7 years ago,
so neither of our girls lived here growing up,
but they both feel this house is "home" to them.

Our kitchen furniture was purchased new,
but now I would have purchased an old farm table
and an old cupboard.

I've thought about painting the cabinets distressed off white, but I just can't get there.
My trim is white and my furniture is off white and my appliances are almond.
So I can't imagine how it would all fit together.

Oh Well, it's as it is...

Even though my table is not old, I do love the style.
It has a leaf and expands to fit 8,
so Christmas breakfast, the table is full.

I recently redid the top of the china cabinet
by bringing in an old piece of painted tin, a basket of fall goodies,
and a plate holder with ironstone pitchers. 

Thank goodness the rusty crustiness is up and away from the table! 

My favorite spot in the house is my sunroom,
right off the kitchen.
It's my seasonal "show off",
 and a great place for napping kitties.

Ladies, I'm so glad I've joined the parties.
My counter tops needed a big cleaning!

This silver tray on the island holds my seasonal vignette for the kitchen.
Always a bouquet in the Homer Laughlin Ironstone Pitcher.

I DO have a new ceramic stove top,
which I dealy love!

"Smiley" and I are so glad you came to visit today
Hope you're feeling "at home".

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Hope you all are having a wonderful Fall week.

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