Monday, July 12, 2010

Wanna be a Barn Chick?

My friend Karen over at Brayton Homestead Interiors is putting together a little Barn Party.
On August 6th she's inviting everyone over to show off their local barns. She had a great post of some of the local flavor up there in her native rural Massachusetts. She gussied herself up in her best barn attire and flirted with the camera to share some great photos of her hometown barns.

So then Barn Chicks was born.

Of course me and my big mouth said, "Heck yeah, Karen I want to do this too!", when I don't even have a pair of cowboy boots to my name. I have some close Texas friends so I guess I shouldn't divulge that sensitive information.

Now go visit Karen and sign up to show off your local barns. (they don't have to be yours personally)  I think it will be great fun to see the regional barns; their sizes, colors, and unique designs. Get as wild and crazy as you like!

Let's see, now where did I put those overalls?...

C'mon all you Barn Chicks, let's show 'em off!
Sign up at Karen's by leaving a comment.

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