Tuesday, April 13, 2010

White Wednesday: Sunroom Whites

I remember about 10 weeks into White Wednesday someone made the comment that they were running out of white things to post about. And my comment to them, in joking was, "oh, just move them around to different places and no one will ever know the difference." I guess I'm following my own advice. I've realized that maybe we might have a tendency to repeat some of our "whites", but it's about how we use them, the season, and the elements in a vignette.

I love white china and ironstone, and of course my sunroom has been the subject of countless posts. But, trying to keep things fresh, I've learned just to "change things up". That's one of the reasons I love to decorate with the seasons.

During the winter this little sugar bowl and creamer held paperwhites, while now they are filled with wild violets that I dug up from my backyard. Amazing how a weed can drive me crazy for 11 months of the year, then for 1 month I'm really lovin' them.

Old and chippy picket fence gate

Several of you asked about my little "garden box" or conservatory that was in the background of my Silver Sunday post. I found it about six years ago at a local antique mall. I know that several people in the area were making them about that time. There are some pretty elaborate and BIG ones around here. I believe Brian and Meloney from the Seed Box made a few that were very large and really amazing!

The fleur de lys are hinges and the top opens at the front.

And here are more photos of some
 of my collection of white pottery.
Hull, McCoy, USA, Haeger, and some unmarked ones.
I just love them with or without plants.

And with or without cats EATing the plants...

Some of you have heard my harrowing story
 about my wicker furniture.
I seem to have a little problem with collecting it.
But what I love about the white is that it becomes a backdrop
for whatever season and color scheme I choose.

(love those yo-yos)

Right now I'm enjoying all the colors of Spring
with vintage floral quilts.

My old white door and mirror
anchor my seasonal wreaths.

Love that morning sun.

Thanks for suffering browsing through another sunroom post.
You know it won't be the last!

Only two more days to enter the GiveAway

Still lovin' White Wednesday,
drop by and say Hi to Kathleen at Faded Charm

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