Monday, April 12, 2010

What's Pink and Green and Smells Fabulous All Over?

Well, I'm so glad you asked!
 That would be the wonderful Give Away surprises
I've received recently from some really great and creative gals!

First the "pink"... from Brayton Homestead Interiors.

Karen was one of my first blogging friends. I fell in love with her New England home and her great talent as an interior designer. She had a pink giveaway a few weeks before Easter and look what she sent Miss Lucky Me. I laughed out loud at this adorable vintage bunny candle. What a cutie pie! She has opened an etsy shop so run by and see all the fun things she has.

And Oh My Goodness,
get a look at the teeny pink slippers!
 just precious!

The vintage yellow bunny (squeezable)
 and carnival glass bird dish are just amazing!

And "Green"...

hosted this wonderful St. Patrick's Day Decor Party!

You know me, I can't pass on a Holiday Party.
What a surprise when a Give Away
 came along with the rest of the fun!

A china shamrock, birdie necklace, perfect little pin,
an embroidered table runner, and a great tote bag!

Thank you Jaime!
Oh and there was candy in there,
but it's long since gone...yummy!

And this girl, let me tell you!
 She threw in these fabulous rusty iron letters of my initials!
I was dumbfounded and knocked out.
They're incredible!!

And "smells fabulous all over"...

Rebecca from A Gathering of Thoughts is one of the most talented and wonderful gals I've ever met. Her blog and website are full of inspiration and warmth. She recently had a Give Away for this lovely sachet pillow and notecards. I could smell the heavenly fragrance before I even unwrapped it. Just beautiful. Her roses and angels are just a little of her wonderful talent. Thank you, Rebecca!

I received two other sweet gifts recently,
one from Rosemary of Ozma of Odds,
who sent me these precious tags as part
of her recent giveaway,
thank you Rosemary!

And someone so sweet to send a little gift,
just because you left a comment
about an amazing post on sea pottery.
Ever hear of it?
Go see Petite Michele Louise and find out.

A gift from the sea!
just amazing!!

Whoever thought up the "Give Away"
has a big thanks from me!
What a wonderful way to make new friends
and celebrate the talent of others!

And speaking of Give Aways,
there's still time to enter mine,
click here.

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