Friday, April 23, 2010

I Went to a Garden Party

The day started off with showers, but by the time we made it to
Brian and Meloney's wonderful home in Chadwick, Missouri,
the clouds were clearing and the sun was peeking out;
a perfect day for a Garden Party.

Recently Brian constructed the most wonderful Garden House
on their country property.
And this weekend they are having an Open House.

Their invitations read,

"We built it, Will you come?"

A brick path led to the garden house that meandered
through a quaint courtyard surrounded by a white picket fence.

Outside seating, statuary, whimsies, and plantings
all made for a magical experience.

Brian and Meloney are friends to so many people across the US, selling their wonderful vintage wares at the Texas Shows for many years now. Up until two years ago they had a brick and mortar store in Ozark, Missouri called

The Seed Box.

Brian is a great craftsman, and Meloney has the style and design experience that causes them to be everyone's favorites. They hold several Open Houses each year, and this was to introduce the new Garden House. They are widely known for their amazing vintage Garden and Architectural elements, that are showcased in their new Garden House.

Myself and Hayley from Nesting Notions.

You never know who you'll see...
 Pam, myself, Kenda, and Hayley,
all with booth spaces in the area.

For some amazing inspiration check out
 The Seed Box website,

And my post on their Christmas Open House last November.

"You have risen from the seeds you have sown."

This was just a teaser.
More next time on what's inside,
And a tour of Brian and Meloney's wonderful home.

What a really wonderful day!
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