Thursday, February 25, 2010


I'm not a sports fan, but for a few days every four years in the winter, I love to watch the Olympics. I think what interests me is the personal side of these young people who are representing their countries. The winter sports of ice skating singles and ice dancing are my favorite. Strength, grace, and beauty in a powerful art form.

If you've been following, you will have heard about the young Canadian skater, Joannie Rochette, whose mother passed away just two days before she was to skate. Joannie's mom, had just arrived in Vancouver to watch her daughter, when she had a massive heart attack.

This story really hit home with me. I cried for Joannie as she skated for her Mother that day; a lovely gift and tribute. Her grief was overshadowed by her love and admiration for her mom, who had been her biggest supporter during her ice skating career...and life.

I have two grown daughters, and how grateful I am that I have had the years with them that I have; seeing both of them married and with loving husbands. I know it all could have been so very different, that week 7 years ago, when I was in the same place as Joannie's, mother, Therese.

I thank God everyday that I am still here with my family, and I want to make each day count for good. To be a blessing, a friend, and a companion; not only for my family, but for others that I encounter on the journey. So for all the Joannie's that will be missing their mothers as they move forward in life, and for all the wonderful loving mothers who have left this life and their loved ones too soon, I say "I feel your heart and know your great love".

As a mom who has been given so much, I give thanks to God daily, for whatever He has for me to do here.

blessings to all of you,
 my friends,
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