Thursday, February 4, 2010

Helping Hands

Look at this adorable little hand,
I love the dimples.
and the loving heart...
that goes with these
tiny hands.

Many of you know Libbie from her blog,
And if you know Libbie,
you know her cutie pie daughter,

She has the most precious heart.
She loves people and Jesus,
and when she heard about the earthquake in Haiti,
she wanted to go and help,
or at the very least
send all their money.

Libbie, being a wonderful and wise mommy,
wanted to use this opportunity to help,
and at the same time allow her daughter
an expression of brotherly love and giving.

So Annie made beaded bracelets,
to sell to raise funds for the people of Haiti.



and more...



She has sold them door to door...

At church, and through many other people and businesses.
All so she could help the people of Haiti.

Here are my two bracelets that I purchased,

made just for me,

with love,

from Annie.

In a time when there are so many
bad things going on in the world,
I wanted to share what is "good",

a child whose heart
and hands
work together.

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