Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Daily Affirmation

Or, My Thoughts on One Month of Blogging

I imagine anyone who has a blog has had the thought that what we post about might be considered "ego-centric" to some; that we want to show our latest finds and newest projects, our decor, shops, junk, kids, grandkids, gardens, flowers, etc. Blogs are intended to be about expressing oneself, and enjoying the company of likeminded people, an interchange of ideas and information. I never get tired of seeing other people's "take" on something, or how they put a room or display together. I love seeing how other people live and their various environments. I love leaving, and receiving comments, even if it is a sentence.

I love the "community" of blogging; the friends I've made, the ideas, the inspiration...all of YOU.

So that whole concept of affirmation and gratification from blogging, brought to mind the SNL character Stuart Smalley, and his "show", Daily Affirmations.

I guess we just get a little dose of daily affirmation from our blog friends. I know I do. I've found that when we post about our latest find, new project, or show photos of our favorite things, it's our own way of reaching out to others, and to say that we have something wonderful in common. Our lives and hearts meet for this time and we share a bond.

I have met some incredibly talented, gifted, funny, loving people in this last month, and I wouldn't have missed it for anything!

So repeat after me. "I'm good enough, I'm smart enough, and doggone it, people like me!" And that's ...okay.

(see where it got Al Franken)

Have a day filled with love and affirmation.

And a P.S. from yesterday's post on "White Wednesday". It has been brought to my attention that at first glance the lithograph of the kittens in the basket appeared to be a tattoo, on some... er... ah... questionable part of my anatomy. To that, I rolled in the floor with fits of laughter!!!

LOVE you guys!


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