Thursday, July 9, 2009

Summer Seed Box Display

I watered the geraniums early this morning and a few new little black-eyed susans and shasta daisies that I had planted along the fence in the backyard. They were already wilting. It didn't take long for me to feel just like them. When it's this hot, I just either want to float around the pool on my raft or come inside where it's cool. The heat sucks all the "motivation" out of me. Guess it's my age. Anyway, Texas would be too hot for me, now.

So I thought I'd share a little Seed Box fun.

1934 Seed Catalog

Try to stay cool!
Anyone for a lemondade?


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I love the old vintage seed boxes, I have a few and one very similiar to yours. You don't see the really old seed boxes around anymore! Take care, Sue

  2. love your vintage seed box full of lovelies! thanks for coming by my blog and adding me to your blog list...

  3. I recently picked up and old hardware store seed display, with old seed packets still in it. Yours is great and I love the catalog. I originally started collecting garden antiques to put in my green house but quickly discovered they were to good and rare to be outdoors.~Jacque

  4. Great pics! I'm with you on the heat. Decided to stay in and sew but ended up taking a nap. So much for productivity! Jan

  5. I love the old seed boxes and the open ones as well. They are getting harder and harder to find! Girl, you have no idea how hot it is here! I go out at 7:00 and it's 80!!! Ugh! I'm trying to get things ready for Carolyn's show, plus for Winnie & Tulula's, plus a shower I'm planning for Jenn! What was I thinking???

  6. Hello
    OK this is my second comment and if you get two please delete one lol
    Something is goofy with internet explorer. Anyway I was saying how much I enjoyed your seed boxes and flower book. It makes me miss my garden which is awful this year it suffers from neglect due to the shop and me pretty much living there lately. You would have never known I was on a garden walk 2 years ago.
    Thank you for finding me and I enjoyed reading your journal very much.
    Thank you

  7. I'm all over that lemonade idea! On second thought, make mine a limeade. And throw in a shot of Patron and a half shot of Contreau. Oh, and maybe salt the rim of the glass while you're at it.


    Very nice display!

  8. I too have that Mandeville seedbox. When I owned a store it was called The Potting Shed so I am especially fond of all things vintage garden. Lovely post and happy Friday!


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