Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Beautiful Baby Bella's Bloomin' Pink Blog Party

Say that fast three times...

Did you get your invitation? It was very last minute, as Nana postponed the party, something about too much on her plate, or something like that, so I thought I'd try to help out by finding a vintage invitation, some delicious treats, and party favors.

I was away for the weekend visiting my own baby,
but I had a few things ready for a Baby Bella Blog Party.

So glad you could come.
Here she is now, The "Bella of the Ball"!

All "Pretty in Pink" with her
Mouseketteer Bow

I have a table set with a vintage pink parasol, a vintage baby print,

and a delightful little book called "A Baby is Born".

Here's the menu. I think someone requested pink champagne punch.

Not too much, we don't want to be seeing those "pink pachyderms"!

Baby Bella miniature cupcakes, dressed in posies.

Delectible and delicious petit fours.

And here is something for everyone to take home,

Baby Bella Party Favors
"Bloom Boxes" filled with flower seed for planting our own

Bloomin' Flower Garden

I'm so glad you could come to Beautiful Bella's Blog Party!

Dear Bella,

So much love and so many prayers, we are all so thrilled to see you "Blossoming"!

God Bless You, Little One.

May God hold you forever in His Hands,


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