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Sunday, April 28, 2013

In sheep's clothing...

If you know me, then you know my love for lambs and sheep. Combine that with my love for clothing and you can guess where this photo might have been taken. I just had to share this amazing life size sheep "stuffed toy animal" from my recent visit to Brooks Brothers at the Galleria in St. Louis. We were in St. Louis all last week for my husband's ear surgery (details in a moment), but after we had him home and settled in, our daughter and I did what we enjoy

The Golden Fleece has been the logo for Brooks Brothers since the 1850's when they first opened their doors in Manhattan.

When I asked for permission to take a photo, the saleslady said this was from a famous German toy maker. I cannot even imagine how much he might cost...and didn't ask. I just fell in love!

These photos were taken with my I phone, so they're not as clear as I'd like, but you can see how lifelike this fella really is. 

Brooks Brothers is the licensed franchisee for the men's clothing for the movie, The Great Gatsby. I can't wait to see this, it opens next month. I hear it's on a much grander scale than the 70's Robert Redford / Mia Farrow film. If you get a chance, pick up this month's Vogue Magazine for a fabulous spread on the jewelry inspired for the movie from Tiffany's...just breathtaking!

So now for an update on the week. Hubbs inner ear surgery went well, but not without a few glitches. If I had known in advance, I would have been more anxious, but I knew God was in control of this surgery, so I wasn't worried. (The proximity to the brain and brain stem for this surgery cause it to be exacting and somewhat complicated.) Having the prayers of all of you and my family, gave me so much comfort. We're home now and he's taking it easy, but his ear looks a little "worse for wear". We go back for a check up in a month. Hopefully at that point we will have begun to see improvement in his Meniere's symptoms. This has been a long road, but we feel we're in the home stretch. Thank you again so much, for remembering us in your prayers.

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