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Friday, September 26, 2014

Beware the "Microsoft" Phone Scam

Hi Everyone, I wanted to let you in on something that happened to me yesterday...and that could happen to you.

I received a phone call from someone claiming to be from Microsoft. I was leary, 'cause I seem to get junk calls everyday. Right now I'm on Newt Gingrich's call list and for some reason someone out there thinks I just got my hip replaced and I need a new bath seating shower/tub. I used to try to be nice to these people, cause I know it's a job, but now they've turned me into a person I don't like to be, as of slamming down receivers and saying in a stern voice. "take me off of your list"!!

Anyway, this person claiming to be John Smith who has a decided Indian accent proceeds to tell me that my computer is full of viruses and that he is there to help me get them off. We went round and round for a few minutes (because even though my scam antennae was up, I felt like I needed to be sure that there wasn't something wrong with my computer for reals.) So he says all I have to do is hit a few keys and then he'll be able to show me how to rid my computer of the dastardly viruses. At that point I balked and said NO. When I said my hubby takes care of all this stuff they'd have to talk to him, "John Smith", said they could only talk to me since they only had my name. And by the did they get my phone number (which is unlisted).

I told my husband and he said "scammers...Microsoft doesn't call anyone". So beware if you get one of these unsolicited phone calls. Hubbs says they give you a link and you click on it, then they can hack into your computer, all your passwords, and bank account etc. It sounds fairly legitimate, and they have you super scared your computer is about to blow up. But just hang up, they are the virus!

OK, heading to pick out some new carpet for the upstairs, since the old had too many untreatable stains and then, we're making a drastic change in the kitchen. I'm sure you all can guess what that might be! I'll check back with some progress photos. Have a great weekend!


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