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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Pick a Pair (pear) of Prints

Time for an update, can't believe I haven't posted in over a week...

We were in St. Louis last week for my followup cardiologist appointment, which went well. We had a great visit with the kiddos and had time for a little shopping one afternoon. They are in the middle of a major kitchen renovation to their 1906 home, which had last been redone in the 70's. It was really the perfect timing, since upon inspection, their electrical system was bordering on dangerous. They have a makeshift kitchen in the basement, so we stayed at a hotel to keep out of the way, and stress to a minimum.

There are a couple of side-by-side antique malls that we love to stop at if we have time that are about an hour south of St. Louis, in Cuba, Missouri. They always have a turnover of interesting things, as they are right off the highway and have quite a bit of traffic. Last month we stopped by, but I wasn't in the shopping mode. Hard to believe I could not be interested in shopping. A lot has happened this last month, one thing being that we bought the new house and now have a more solid plan for the future. Yay...

I saw these two vintage fruit prints last month and debated on buying them, but I have so many prints, that I just put them back. I loved the colors and the old frames, but Hubbs had been the one to pack away all the seemingly hundreds of my prints, so I spared myself the scrutiny and criticism of buying more...

But last week when we stopped back by, they were still there, and this time I didn't hesitate to make the purchase. They have some nicks and scratches on the wood, but nothing a little "Old English" didn't take care of. They are in my new color palette I'm going to be using at the new house. Grays, taupes, golds, browns, with a little chartreuse...maybe, if I can find the right color and not chicken out. A lot depends on finding the "right" rug, which will determine several color and fabric choices.

I have another set of vintage fruit botanicals that I may try to incorporate in a grouping. These will make wonderful companions, as the other ones include "pears" too. You can't see it, but the prints have some interesting foxing; no identifying marks, though.

I'm still gathering ideas on wall paint. The more I've looked, the more I think I'll go a lighter shade of gray/greige. Maybe this might be a little closer, Coastal Fog by Benjamin Moore. I don't want to get into anything that's too dark. Just a little contrast with the white woodwork and moldings. I'm going to be mixing some darker wood pieces with my chippy whites and soon-to-be-taupes at this new place. 

Gosh, can you tell I'm excited?...
now, to figure out what to do with the tv niche above the fireplace...yuk.
I'm not a tv above the fireplace kinda gal.

OK, just wanted to say Hi, and let you all know what I've been up to. 
more to come...

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Sunday, August 3, 2014

Paint on the Brain

OK, I'm just going to come right out with it...I'm not a fan of the interior wall color in the new house. I'm just going to admit...up front...that I don't love those flesh colored walls. About 10 years ago that was one of the "it" wall colors, and I had it all over my other house. It took me 10 years to get it changed out and I don't want to go back. Please don't think I'm ungrateful...I'm super grateful for this wonderful house, but I'm still in love with all things "Greige".

(yes, I know the stairway downstairs looks like a big honkin' thing in the middle of the room. Well, it kinda is, but with furniture in the rooms, I know it will be balanced out.)

If you look closely you can see a pillow on the floor next to the front door. It's one of the pillows that came with my new linen-y Chesterfield Sofa, and honestly it looks "not so great" with this wall color. Hubbs and I had been making lists of all the things that we needed to take care of next month before we moved in and I was a little apprehensive to broach the subject. It's not like I can just say "Hey, let's paint the living room", since all the areas are open to each other. It's more like "Hey, let's paint the whole dang huge upstairs, we have nothing else to do or spend money on." I knew that if we didn't plan to do it now, it just wouldn't get done. He had a "moment", and then he said, "OK, what do you want to do?" I heaved a sigh of relief and ran for my Benjamin Moore paint color fan decks.

I just naturally head to Benjamin Moore for paint, as we've used it for most of our walls in our other houses. I've never had a problem with it, and they always have a huge selection of colors...down to the teensiest variations of Greige. I know what I'm up against since a couple of years ago when we painted the master bedroom and bath. At that point I wanted something darker and cozier. Now I want something lighter that's a combination of warm gray and beige. I gravitate toward "warmer" colors in decorating, and I find that a color that has elements of both can go a long way toward matching most anything.  

These are photos of my old master bedroom with Stone Hearth at 125%. They look pretty washed out. Sorry, these aren't professional, just my attempt to photograph a dark room.

I tried about 6 colors of paint on the wall behind the bed. Greige can be tricky because you can run into, blues, greens, browns, even purple. I had one paint picked out that looked wonderful during the daytime, but became purple at thanks. I know you've probably read this on many blogs, but the way to be sure of the undertones is to be mindful of the darkest color on your paint swatch/card. That darkest color will be your base color and undertone. I just hadn't considered this easy method. Glad I know now, it will save a lot of time, money, and a bunch of frustration.

I know paint changes once it goes up on a wall, and there are so many reasons; size of the room, amount of light, other colors, such as rugs and furniture that may reflect off of it, time of day etc., but for now I'm looking at these colors and hoping one of them will work. Love how they're such a wonderful combination of both warm grays and tans. We have high ceilings and wide open spaces, so I think it can handle a slightly deeper hue of color. Plus I think this color will make the white woodwork and mouldings really stand out.

Revere Pewter: 

This is a good example of a Greige paired with "warm" furnishings.

and this photo shows it with lighter colored hardwoods.

Stone Hearth

(looks darker here)

I couldn't find room photos, but they are close, maybe just a little lighter.



You can find all this info, sources, and more about Greige

Grays and Greige are the trend in wall colors now, but not one that I think will be going away soon. Any neutral that works well with all shades of woods and fabrics is definitely a mainstay in home decorating. I'm having fun making plans. Can't wait to get my hands on this place!

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P.S. I finally was able to see "Fixer Upper" on HGTV, gosh so addictive.
LOVE their style!
P.P.S. Benjamin Moore did not sponsor this post, just love their paint.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

A little gray on the dresser...

Well, I persuaded Hubbs to move around my boxes and tubs in the storage area at the old house, in hopes of finding my two tubs of Valentine things. When we moved to the smaller house I brought very little "decor" stuff with me, just the basics. So after wading through the Fall and Christmas (there's a ton of it) I gratefully spied the pink and red, and tried to get out of there as soon as possible. If I keep him in the storage room too long it turns into a disagreement. I know... I know ...I'm workin' on organization!

The Entry here isn't large, but it's big enough for my little dresser, a mirror, and a few things that are holiday and seasonal on top. 

I tried not to overdo it, just keep it sweet and simple. 

Little Lefton Cupid Box

My handmade pottery Valentine

Here's a better shot of the entry before Valentine's jumped on it. If you look closely you can see the dresser is a little different color. Actually, the night before we moved I grabbed my can of taupe bedroom wall paint and decided to give it a little gray/taupe wash. I've mentioned that my "antique white" furniture looks really yucky here at this smaller house...just plain 'ol dirty.

So, I just painted some of the taupe/gray on
 and then wiped it down with a wet cloth,  taking most of it off.

The next morning Hubby said, "what did you do to this little dresser?"
I said that it would match the new sofas better with this gray wash,
and I was surprised when he approved and thought it did look better.

So now it blends with the new/old cedar chest and the little accent table. I imagine that this is where most of my "Old White" furniture from the old living room is headed; it will need a wash of gray to work with these sofas. This only took me about half an hour, so that thought isn't too intimidating.

None of those pieces are here at the smaller house. One thing at a time, and this last weekend we packed up all the china and antique dishes from the Dining Room. Gosh, what a big job that was. I'm still not finished, because we ran out of foam and bubble wrap, but we're making some progress and that's what we need to see. The new granite countertops go in to the old house this week. Can't wait to see it!

Wish we'd made the decision to put on granite while we still lived there. (It should have had it when we bought the house, but the previous owners cut corners in the kitchen) But you know how things go, don't want to deal with the mess, or spend the money. Thinking of selling the house has caused us to realize there were some things that just needed to be updated. So now, someone else will benefit from all the work we're doing. I'm OK with it though, I'm letting things go, and realizing that it's not "home" anymore. We're looking forward to the future.

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Sunday, February 9, 2014

A New Look for the new Living Room

I've been looking forward to sharing this new living room space with you at the new house. I've taken photos several different times in here, but the light hasn't been "right", and to top it off, I left my tripod at the other house. But I decided to just show them anyway. This house is just darker because of the wall color, so photos just aren't as easy.

But I do love how it's come together and that it's cozy and comfortable. When we knew we were leasing this house we decided to buy a new sofa and loveseat. They're not the most expensive, but I really love the new look. I'm sort of fickle with furniture, I get restless for a new look long before they wear out. What I love one year, I'm often over, five years down the road. But I DO, and always have, loved a Chesterfield Sofa. We found these at the Ashley Home Store. The fact that they are classic styling and a neutral color will make it easy to change things up. I wanted a more casual look at this house, with a more masculine vibe. After all, hubby has to hang out here and feel like he can relax.

These shots show the wrinkles that are starting to ease out. They had been wrapped in plastic and sitting in a warehouse for weeks, I'm sure. I couldn't use my other sofas and white furniture here...they are just too big, and the white furniture looked bad with these sofas. The white just looks "dirty"next to these walls.

I couldn't have picked a better color if I'd designed these sofas myself. It's a nice taupe/beige/gray in a looser weave, almost looks like a linen-y burlap. At the showroom it looked lighter with all the bright lights glaring down on it, but when it was delivered it was darker. Fine with me, I prefer the darker colored fabric.

I didn't have a coffee table that was the right color or size, so I painted an old cedar chest that had the most horrendous finish on it. I painted it before I knew what color the sofa and loveseat were, but it turned out a pretty good match. The finish is a coat of Old White ASCP, the taupe from our bedroom walls, and a little wash of some gray paint I snagged in a Valspar paint sample pot at Lowe's. I did a stain glaze and liquid poly on top. It received some "extra" distressing during the move.

I had this gray washed wood tray on my coffee table in the other Living Room, which adds to a rustic look.

My good black rug from the lower level family area works I think, it's a nice contrast, and pulls the black in the lamps and pillows together. Miss Jenkins approves.

The arched window above the loveseat was becoming a cat perch so it needed something to deter "bad cat" behavior. Looks sort of cluttered, but it does the trick. You can see the kitchen through the arched pass through. A little of the Entry is shown here. There's not much to it; I'll share that a little later. (I tweaked my little white dresser)

Gray washed wicker basket with a galvanized tray from Pottery Barn.

We are short on space in here, so I had to improvise with this little accent table from the other Living Room. It had been white, but got the taupe paint on top, like the cedar chest. We bought 2 bronzed lamps from Lamps Plus on a 2-fer special. I liked that they matched the legs on the sofas and the rest of the hardware throughout the house.

Southern exposure almost drowns out hubby's leather recliner.

Here's the Inspiration Board I created on Polyvore right after Christmas. I kept pretty close to the plan, and it worked to help me see how to bring all the different elements together.

I knew before I even found the sofas, that I wanted to use leopard print pillows as accents. I found these at Pottery Barn. They even feel like real fur...meow.

I've always loved Charles Faudree's designs, where he used animal prints often. So I felt I had approval for the leopard print pillows on these sofas.

I think my Restoration Hardware pillows that were downstairs
 work well with the leopard print.

I'm keeping prints, paintings, and wall decor to a minimum, so just a few things are up.  This old print from the '40's matched the color scheme in here.

I had this little wing back traditional chair in our master bedroom. It had been reupholstered with two complimentary fabrics which I love, and just matches the rest of the room. I didn't have room for a table so this little floor lamp with a shelf from WalMart filled the bill. Since we have dinner in here with a tray on our laps it works for juggling a glass. WalMart...who knew... Miss Wrigley is waiting to lounge on the fuzzy blanket on top of the ottoman, which is usually here.

I debated on whether or not to show these last couple of photos. It's just part of renting a house. Like most houses there are things we'd like to change, except with a leased home you usually don't get to make those changes, like you would if you were buying. Case in point, the black marble fireplace which is in the corner has a piece of wallboard at the top, creating a functional place to have a tv or mirror or art. Only problem, someone painted what a 5 year old might consider a faux marble accent. My valiant attempts at convincing the landlord that it would be much better with a coat of the wall color, fell on deaf ears. This will be the one and only time you see it. I stressed about it for days and although we have an idea or two how to make it disappear, for the time being a large painting and some faux ivy will have to do. I'm not sure what looks worse, the yucky faux marble or the yucky faux ivy... The mantel may stay bare, I don't want to draw attention to it.

Maybe if I make the photo real small you won't see how bad it is...
the good news is the gas log part works great and really warms the room.

And another issue is the monster flat screen tv, I really dislike an uncovered tv. Call me picky, but it has never worked for me. The large entertainment center we had planned on using didn't fit, so we were left trying to come up with a quick replacement. At least the monster entertainment center would have camouflaged it somewhat. An old "Partner's Desk" that my husband used downstairs has had to work. Be sure to notice all the wires and cords underneath...such a great look. I guess more yucky faux ivy could be stuffed in there to hide it.

OK, there you have it, the good, the bad, and the extremely ugly. I'm really not complaining, I'm so glad to have this house to get away from all the work that's going on at the big house. They're tearing out kitchen stuff this week, so I wouldn't want to be living there. This place may be small with some quirks, but it's also clean and cozy. This weekend the Dining Room is the deal...packing upteen million dishes. Hope you have a great weekend!

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