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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Out on the Deck for the Summer Block Party

Is "vintage" the same as old and worn out?
If so, I have tons of "vintage"
 just hanging around out on the deck, off the sunroom,
...which is also "vintage".

This old garden table has a furnace grate for a top,
married to a sewing machine bottom.
 It's setting in front of one of my white metal garden gates
and my kitchen window.

my favorite, "angel vine"

I found this little concrete lamb several years ago,
and he's developed the perfect patina.
Which is the same as,
"hasn't had a bath in a while".

Hope this Picnik "gritty effect"
is hiding the fact that my deck is in need of a paint job in the worst way.
But hey, it just wasn't happening this year.
So an indoor/outdoor rug from O.Com has helped to hide the neglect.

Yep, just buy another little rug...

Chippy white iron fencing, gate, and garden chair
and some of my many watering cans.

My husband asks me why I have so many flowers
that constantly need to be watered.
"Why do you set yourself up for so much work?"

and my answer is always the same.
I need to see beauty when I look out my window,
flowers just instantly lift my mood.

I have two vintage flower pots full of mint, I'm obsessed with it.
It's my favorite to flavor everything from orange juice to club soda.
Yummy... and don't forget the lime.

Below is a sweet topiary from Mother's Day last year.
I wintered it, but it wasn't very happy inside.
It needs lots of light so it rebelled by
having a near death experience.
Wish I knew what it was.
It needs to be "whipped into shape"!

I'll be linking to Savvy Southern Style
 for The Summer Deck and Porch Block Party.
for the rest of the links today.

and I'm also joining in on these parties:

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have a great day,
it's the first day of Summer!
lot's of love,

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Rust is my middle name...

Just when I thought I'd give this blog a little rest over the weekend, I happened to hear the word "Rust" floating around.  Donna over at Funky Junk Interiors is having a Saturday Night Special party, and guess what?
today's special theme is...
are you ready...


Well hey, I just couldn't sit here as a bystander, because like I said...
rust is my middle name.
(not really)

Anyone that likes vintage garden goodies as much as I do just is bound to have some rust.

These are just a few specimens out on the deck.
I imagine my neighbors,
you know the immaculate high end patio store kind,
all think I'm a little wacky.

Guess they're right.

To me, rust is just like a little spice in your food.

Gives it a little extra flavor.

Love my mint in an old florist basket.

And the rest of the jungle.

I had been dead heading the flowers until yesterday when I saw several little goldfinches feasting on the seeds. They were having a great time and were so stinkin' cute out here having dinner,
 that I'm like... "well hey, Go for it!!"

OK, didn't want to feel left out.
 Go by and say Hi to Donna and all the others
and see what they're up to.

Hope you're having a great weekend,
I'm painting an old cabinet for my studio.
Show you next week.

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