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Saturday, December 21, 2013

Christmas on the Sunporch 2013

I know this is a busy weekend for almost everyone. The weather here has turned rainy with chances for snow and a little ice, so I'm glad I don't have to get out to do a lot. We still have to buy groceries, but I'm sending the hubbs out on that expedition. I envy those people that have everything done and are now sitting next to the fabulously decked Christmas Tree and a warm fire sipping hot cocoa. I'm almost there...

I still have a couple of Christmas decor posts;
I hope you'll indulge me as I squeeze out all the "Christmas" I can.
I'll just share the pics and remind you that you can click on the image,
 and then click again for a big pic.

Isn't this squirrel pillow adorable?
My daughter bought it for me for Christmas at least ten years ago.

Vintage Elf Knee-hugger

You can tell that
I've been loving the plaid this Christmas!

Have a wonderful weekend;
now go grab that hot cocoa!

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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Christmas on the Sunporch

I've said it before... I get so much of my inspiration from all of you out there! I pinned a few ideas from last year that I wanted to try. One was a tote full of Christmas Kitch. Last year I filled some little drawers on my kitchen counter, so this year a white wooden tote became home to a congregation of Christmas goodies.

I've been using Tartan wool blankets out here on the porch each year since we've lived here. Always love a good ole Christmas-y plaid!

The old mini muffin tin has cranberry tealight candles this season,

and my old green metal tackle box is filled with my stash of paperwhites and another candle.

Another fun trend I'm copying this year
 is a toy truck hauling bottle brush trees.
Sorry, shameless copy catting here.

I found this cutie last January at an antique show.
Perfect red and white.

More plaid Thermoses and lunchbox on the Baker's Rack.
The lunchbox held an Angel Vine plant until last week 
when it turned too cold.

And a trio of little elves have found their way here.
These are the vintage variety,
and they're up to lots of crazy antics.

This one's pretty cute...

this one's sorta creepy.
but I AM digging those great eyelashes.

While we were in St. Louis earlier this month I picked up these
wonderful winterberries at of all places, Schnucks. (grocery store)
and placed them in this old French watering can, 
along with some Holly from our big old bushes out back.

Here's my Santa jingle bell door ringer,
on my old picket gate.
You've seen him before, 
but I smile each time I look at him!

These next few photos were from earlier in the month
before I put together the tote,
but wanted to have pics that showed more out here.
(oh yea, here's the angel vine in the lunchbox)

found the red plaid umbrella at Leola's last it!

And I won this adorable Drummer Boy pillow
 from Dear Lillie earlier this Fall.
Thanks so much Jennifer!

Gotta dress up the birdcage too,
 with some vintage bottle brush trees and a reindeer.

Can you see the patch of furry cat carcass on the lower left chair?
Yep, that's HER chair for viewing birds and squirrels.

 It gets a little nippy out here unless the sun is shining. Miss Wrigley is a Maine Coon, so she's oblivious. Miss Jenkins on the other hand is a shorthair and like to sleep next to the heater in the bathroom...she'd rather stay toasty than bird watch.

Couldn't let Christmas go by without sharing the sunporch.
I think I have 4 or 5 different Christmas Pinterest boards,
run by and check them out if you have a minute.
Hope you have a great weekend.

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