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Sunday, February 26, 2012

How about a Monday Marketplace?

OK, so I have this little idea, and we all know, especially my husband, that my ideas are sometimes time consuming, cost some money, and require heavy lifting...but not this one. 

If you're like me, you like to buy from your blog friends on Etsy, and also like to share the fun of finding those wonderful vintage items and amazing creations. But it's hard knowing what everyone has in their stores. Sometimes we miss great items that we might be looking for, unless the blog author actually does a post on a particular item.

So, here's my idea...

Source: via Caressa on Pinterest

I've been thinking of a weekly venue to share some of our Etsy and Online Store products that we would like to showcase. So many of us in blogland have Etsy Shops and/or Online Stores. How about a way to focus on one or two items per week that we have for sale? So many linky parties ask that Etsy items or stores not be linked up. But how about a party that focuses just on that concept? An online marketplace where we could all link up; a way to share with everyone our creations and products.

So, starting this Monday, February 27, I will be hosting a weekly linky party for anyone that sells or has purchased a wonderful product. This link can be to a specific product you sell or even something you've purchased. You may link to a specific blog post, or Etsy item. I'm asking that you NOT just link to your Etsy Shop or Store, but to have a link to a particular item. Then if people want to browse your shop they can, but I want this to be focused on "items" and inspiration, not stores. This is to showcase  individual sellers and their products. And as much as we love the big online companies, this is not about those products...just individual Etsy Shops and Online Boutiques.

This coming Monday, (I'll post a linky sometime mid-day on Monday) let's say you link up one or two items from your shop. These can be handmade items or vintage items. Depending on your interest and participation, I might have linky "catagories" for products, but for now let's just see about a turnout.

so, how about it...?
Let me know if you're interested
 or think this might be a fun way to shop!

*This is not to take away from Sponsored Advertising on blogs
just a way to see what products are out there.

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