Thursday, July 4, 2024

Heartfelt Declaration Day

Happy July 4th Greetings! 

Politics have been front and center for awhile; can you tell I'm tired of it? I'd like to see our country get past this and move forward... together, united, and not in our partisan corners. 

God before Politics
Truth and Justice before Politics
Country before Politics
People before Politics
Love before Politics...

put differences aside and 
Let's Stand United for Our Country!


  1. It is hard to imagine what will happen in the next 4 years with the only choices we have for our next president. Crazy how the world is right now. I hope and pray things will go back to a more united and peaceful world. Happy 4th.

    1. I agree Kris, I think most of us want something different. Have a great July 4th.

  2. Happy July 4! I love the cheer of your festive decor!

  3. Well said Debra, have a peaceful week ahead.

  4. Debra, love your patriotic display and especially love that gorgeous rocking horse! - Patty


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