Saturday, December 30, 2023

Heavenly Holiday Entry

I've realized at Christmas I lean toward a white and ethereal look on the entry console; white lights and white and neutral colors with a light and bright look. For Christmas this year I've tried to bring out a few pieces that are some of my early Christmas décor that I haven't shared for years. 

When gathering ideas for this spot I located a larger resin figure from the 80's or 90's that had originally been clothed in a deep burgundy robe. She was supposed to be part of an angelic "host" but I only managed to acquire the one figure. Years ago I painted her white, but no matter how many coats of paint, a bit of a pink cast came through. I couldn't locate her set of wings so I made do with what I had. She joined the rest of the vignette.

Often I use my neutral "oatmeal" Christmas tree here, but this year I opted for a faux wild gathering of paperwhites, for a natural arrangement. It's held together with some grapevine wicker "wattle", a gold brocade ribbon and adorned with a NOEL ornament. 

Several years ago our older daughter gifted all the girls in the family a precious angelic painting. The one I chose is blonde like out daughter.

She's here on a vintage silver tray that often shows up at Christmas. German Glass Glitter trees, and a special Christmas Sheep candle from Anthropologie many years ago join in.

The print is "The Shortening Winter's Day" by Joseph Farquharson.

A church votive holder is nestled in the white wreath.

Thanks so much for coming by.
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  1. This is lovely, Debra. Elegant and serene.

  2. Janice.Hebert01@gmail.comDecember 29, 2023 at 1:51 PM

    I love the angel. Did you use a chalk paint? The whole display is beautiful. Jan in MA


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