Wednesday, October 3, 2018

An Encore Autumn Outdoors Tablescape and Getting Started at the New House

It's so hard to believe that it's actually October now... and that it's my favorite time of the year, AND that I don't even have one real pumpkin on my porch. Really... no pumpkins on my porch, real or faux. I DO have some pretty rust colored mums and my orange pillows that I bought last year for the little iron bench. Here are a few pics from several years ago from an outside Fall Tablescape to keep me in a "happy place".

We closed on the new/old house Friday and spent the afternoon taking off the rose covered glasses, and getting down to business. It's really hard to get the full reality of a place when it has someone else's furniture in it. Let's just say we have a few more projects than we thought.

My husband started on the fun job of pulling out the probably 30 year old carpet and pad, so we could see if there were hardwoods under there. No hardwood, but we're glad we did, because when the old carpet went away the musty smell got better. I have to admit, I've left behind some pretty old carpet myself.

We met with our contractor guy, a young man who we've worked with several times in the past. He's honest and hard working and does a great job. I typed up a 4 page room by room list of things that need to be done and we went over it with him... at length. Some things we decided to wait on; other things need to be tackled now. Like the utility room / half bath next to the kitchen. I thought it was in pretty good shape but it had disguised, painted over 55 year old cabinetry and tile, and it is time for it to be updated.

This fix was not in our budget, so now we're doing a reno in there and forgoing some other projects. ouch. But that's just the way a remodel goes. Some things are unforeseen and need immediate attention. I knew if we didn't do it now, it would never get done and I'd just be unhappy everyday looking at 55 year old painted wall tile. (in mauve) It does have new floor tile and commode, so that's a small plus.

Paint touch ups were done... but the paint didn't match, so we are looking at painting about 2/3 of the interior of the house. Something we hadn't planned on. Thank goodness the ceilings aren't high, so Hubby and I can do it ourselves to save money. Only a few cans of paint were left for us, so I spent most of the day Friday trying to sort out paint colors and doing test patches on the walls. BUT, the good news is I'll be able to use my favorite paint color Benjamin Moore Smokey Taupe in most of the rooms. I used it all throughout our current home and love the balance of gray and taupe with no blue or green undertones.

We painted the ceilings in the Living Room, Dining Room and Entry on Saturday and Sunday (in a dark room with a flashlight, to cut the glare, because the paint was so shiny you couldn't tell what was just painted or dry) which helped distract the eye from the glossy "tornado" style ceiling texture treatment, oh my. I thought it looked like an elderly lady's silver blue curls; the men saw tires. Any way you look at it, it made you dizzy. The flat white ceiling paint now sort of minimizes the visuals. At least it's not popcorn or dropped ceiling tiles from the 60's.

This week I'm on the hunt for hardwoods and carpet and picking out the vanity for the half bath. I'm going to finally get those darker hardwoods I've been wanting and picking another style of carpet. We had a "Frieze" here, but I'm doing something different this next time.

It's been hard seeing all my Fall decor and goodies packed away, but things just keep getting messier over here, so decorating is a lost cause. I actually took some pics from the new house Hearth Room mantel with a vintage print, but left my camera there. I'll have to grab it later in the week. Just my attempt to have a little Autumn ambiance in the midst of the remodel.

Ok, just checking in to share the start of the progress.
It's back in the mid-80's. End of the week cool down again. YAY!

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  1. Only thing about getting a different home is all the work involved getting it liveable. We have popcorn ceilings all thru the house so no quick painting jobs possible. Our "house" is a single wide mfg.home so there's way too much work to do in it. At least neither one of us is working anymore. Would rehab so much in here but hubs isn't going for it. In his mind if it ain't broke don't fix it, but that's not my take on it. We moved in here in July 2006 and am still waiting for my kitchen cabinets to get painted, really. Took 8 get living room painted. I couldn't decide what color I wanted for while. Finally decided on very light gray., Our l/r faces East and it was quite dark in the room with the vinyl paper on walls the original owner had picked. It was some really ugly dark stuff, ugh! Our room also daces East so it is dark, want to paint our room a pretty peach color with light green accents. First project however is painting our antique waterfall chif-a-robe which I would also like to paint a peach color. Had intended to paint that this past summer, too hot in our room even with ceiling fan. Excuses,excuses,shame on me. Eventually. Maybe get it done this winter,I hope.
    Need to get paint for chif-a-robe and walls of room, then get myself motivated. Our bathroom is painted a grayish green, really pretty color.
    Trying to live on SS and pay for paint isn't easy here where everything is so much more expensive. Anyway, now that I have declared my intentions maybe can get started. It says here in small print. Have to admit you are inspiring me to get started instead of just talking about it.

    Enjoy your new home, don't work too hard.

  2. Congratulations on the new house, and wow on what you've already accomplished over the weekend. The sheer fact that you have a contractor lined up is more than half the battle in my opinion, and having the work spelled out so specifically gets you even further along. Way to go! These pictures are nice through your's kinds like the lipstick on the pig, right? Until you discovered the real lipstick on the pig, as in the bad wall touch ups, etc. I'm rootin' for ya, Deb. Hang in there, and stay well. Rest in between so you can maintain.

  3. I can't wait to see all you are doing at the new house...congratulations! It IS an adventure...and lots of hard work. I know it will be wonderful, just like all of your other homes have been! Lovely fall decor photos!

  4. Congrats Debra on your new home. Half the battle is won by having a good contractor you trust. That is so hard to come by now a days. Once you get the work done this place is going to feel like home. Congrats.

  5. Congratulations on your new "old" house. Life is an adventure -- especially moving! I enjoyed seeing your fall decor from past years. Maybe it will make you feel cooler! Ha! Welcome home!

  6. Bless you! I hope all goes well. It will all be just beautiful.

  7. Will look forward to what you and your hubs do in your new old house, CONGRATS on new old house, how exciting. We looked into buying a brand new we pick everything mfg.home but they're way too expensive here.gulp..G,J. is pretty isolated so any providers of anything charge so much more, ouch! Kinda like when we lived in M/t out away from everything. Hey in MT we were 1 1/2 miles from our mailbox. Many times in Winter I walked out to mail box which was out on highway. Too much trouble to get vehicle out of garage. Snow tended to pile up in front of door, didn't feel like shoveling.

  8. I love these pictures and hearing an update about the house. I can't wait to see. You all seem to be fast painters so I hope that it all goes quickly and smoothly and that you get to get out some fall stuff. Thank heavens there isn't popcorn. Those are the worst.

  9. So so pretty Debra! This time next year will be a different story. You will be in your new beautiful home and feeling better! I am excited to follow your new adventure!

  10. Debra,
    I really have been out~of~touch in the Land of Blog. . .
    I didn't know you had moved, once again!
    I'll try to visit more often and watch your progress, dear one.

  11. I love your autumn outdoor tablescape. It's lovely and appreciate you sharing at Dishing it and Digging it link party. You are one of this Sunday's features.


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