Friday, June 8, 2018

Low Thyroid: Sharing a post on Hair Loss and Thinning

I'm working on my post about the breadcrumb trail with Autoimmune Disease linking to Heart Disease that I've been following this last few months, and I've been checking back on some web articles and research. Today, I was looking back through the Blog Links List I have in my blog Footer toward the end with links to Autoimmune Illness and Gluten-Free Recipes. You'll see it on the left-hand side after the post.

I happened to read a great article on Women's Hair Thinning and Loss from HypoThyroidMom and I just wanted to share it with anyone that might find that of interest. I know as we age it's common to have Bad Hair Days that can turn into Bad Hair Years if we're not vigilant. I've read several posts here on the blogs, but this one is pretty comprehensive and not just about products that we can use. This is from the inside out, as Hair issues should always be addressed first. Most hair loss in women stems from medical issues that may not be being addressed or treated. Even if you don't think your thyroid might be the culprit, please read it, it's very informative with lot's of health information. (Also, be sure and check your eyebrows, are they thinning and missing?)

My first experience with hair loss was after both of my girls were born... a long time ago. It only lasted a month or so, but at the time it was horrifying. Of course I didn't realize back then that I was HypoThyroid, and that it's common for that to be noticed during times of hormonal change. Also I've experienced it at several different times when my thyroid was wacky and off kilter. It has come back to normal after my hormone replacement levels were straightened out. But many people don't realize that Anemia and vitamin levels, among other things, can also be a cause.

I'll let you know in case you were wondering, I DO have a scheduled time for my surgical heart procedure next week, so that takes a little of the stress off of me. My blood thinner has been increased, so that's also making a little difference in my blood flow, which in turn causes me to feel a little "better". (I use that term lightly).

I'm also going to open up my Pinterest Board on Health and Meds that up until now I've kept personal. I have so many informative articles saved on what I've been through. It's easy to see how I've progressed in my knowledge from when I first started it over a year or so ago. That's the way to unlocking knowledge and understanding in any area. It's a progression of information and ideas to pursue.

Nothing going on in the decorating department. It's been a full time job just keeping up with dinner and laundry. I did replace the daffodils in the olive bucket on the kitchen table with Hydrangeas and the rabbits are packed away till next Spring but that's about it. Be sure and catch the Summer Home Tour at Marty's next week. I usually participate, but had to bow out since all the health things going on.
(I'm not sure why my email notification is sending out the older post. so sorry. it's misfiring somehow)
Be back soon,
xoxo, Debra


  1. I'm so glad your surgery is settled. I'd say that when you have been going through all you have been, replacing daffodils and putting bunnies away is just fine!

  2. Thinking of you and praying for God’s Grace! My favorite saying is The will of God will never take you where the Grace of God will not protect you ! Take Care !!!

  3. Blessings to you, Debra. So happy to hear from you...holding you in the Light as you have surgery.

  4. So sweet to open up to your blog post this morning Debra. So happy you are scheduled for your procedure. Prayers are going out for you. Have a wonderful weekend.

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  6. Sending lots of prayers, hugs and love. You walk in God's grace, and radiate His love. I too believe we are never alone in our life's journey, Jesus is my hope in the darkest moments when I don't understand. Thank you for sharing.


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