Friday, February 9, 2018

What to Wear... on Valentine's Day

Today I was thinking back to the late 80's and 90's when we had a sweater or sweatshirt for every holiday and theme. If the sweatshirts were hand painted then even better. Every store at the mall had their signature styles for the Holiday, and of course Valentine's Day attire needed to be in some hot shade of red or pink. That trend may not be in style this year, decade or even millennium, but we can still pull out some trendy fashion that celebrates this special day! Here are just a few that I thought would be fun, and guess what... some of them are even PINK!

and in a darker shade of Fuscia

(thank you, I think I'll take one)

(I have a small obsession with Burberry)

(The lighter pink version)

(super cute with jeans and white sweater)

And since it's been super cold around here...

(So cute under a long sweater or tunic)

OK, just wanted to share some fun!
(Not a sponsored post)

joining in here:

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  1. Love your style choices! That leading jacket's adorable, and I'll fight ya for the LV bag, lol. Loser gets the Madewell...not a bad booby prize either. ;)

  2. Such cute things! I remember the days when we wore holiday themed shirts. I think I even crafted a few for me and my girls. If you wait long enough, trends resurface.

  3. Adorable choices. I still like to wear red or pink on Valetine's Day even if we are not doing anything really fancy. Why not? It's fun celebrate by putting something special on and it really makes you feel pretty in dreary gray February. I like that Talbots pink cardigan. It's an unusual shade of pink- warmer than most pinks and something that would be pretty with all the new sherbert colors we are seeing for spring/summer 2018. Thanks for the inspiration! Cheers, Deborah


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