Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Entry Urn for Spring

Up until last week I had the urn, here in the Entry, filled with Faux Paperwhites; they are my favorite "go-to" flower year round. Paperwhites fit any season with their delicate orchid like blooms, but I was ready for something a little different so I decided to go with a natural Springtime woodsy look using faux blooming branches, sticks and pussy willows.

Not much of a change, but a little more "natural" look with branches. I have several fruit trees here in the yard, and a new Redbud, but since my allergies go berzerk this time of year, I thought it best to keep things free of possible runny-nose, itchy eyes, sneezing and wheeze causing pollen... so faux it is.

It's always hard making the faux florals look natural around the base of their container, so lately I've been using this woven twig "ribbon" and some moss to give it a more natural organic look and feel. 

I think I've found this woven twiggy fencing at HL in the past,
and I grab some each time I see it available.

I did get out this last week to find some pretty pastel ribbon, but just haven't gotten around to putting it up. I better get busy as Easter is this next Sunday. note to self... better get on that.

I've had this heavy iron urn for years and it's really easy to change out the florals with the Seasons. Sometimes more than once a season. Here are a few pics of Entry vignettes from Springs past. Some are pretty colorful, and "wild". Most of these pics were from our old home, where I had the ability to change up color schemes a little more easily than I do here at this house. All of them are made with faux stems and branches.

Last year, late Spring. 
Different urn, same Paperwhites!

I have some vintage Easter Inspiration coming a little later this week,
Hope you're off to a good Easter Week.

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  1. Love the new twiggy arrangement! You have the perfect stage for your lovely vignettes.

  2. I hear you on allergies, so I love me some faux flowers, too! Your entry always looks so pretty with your flower and twig filled urn, and I always admire that lovely sheep painting. I'm sad that our grands won't be visiting, so I haven't made much of an effort to decorate for Easter. Maybe that's just what I need to do today! Thanks for the inspiration, Debra!

  3. Love all your arrangements. And I have a huge urn out on the porch that I can't wait to do for outside, it's too big a scale for the inside of our teeny house. Thanks for the Spring inspiration. (I haven't done any Easter, yet either. Sandi

  4. So pretty. I miss decorating, esp in Spring. It's my favorite season. Happy Easter.

  5. I have always loved pussy willows for spring arrangements. Yours all look wonderful. No one would ever know they're faux! Oh, and forsythia are fabulous for spring arrangements as well (can't wait till ours blooms). xo Kathleen | Our Hopeful Home (formerly Charm Bracelet Diva {At Home})

  6. Seems like allergies, especially Spring allergies make some of our decisions. In KY we had 5 lovely forsythia bushes which bloomed for weeks. Been trying to figure out why I never took any branches in the house, duh, lol. My allergies were so bad there with all the humidity, pollen, mold and whatever else. We had honeysuckle every summer but oh how miserable I was with it. KY wasn't good area for me but I loved our house and land, being out in country with everything being so green.
    I also have allergy driven asthma so dealt with that, no fun. Why dr. didn't prescribe Flonase who knows but it works quite well for me. But - at first little sniggle of itchy eyes and nose had better use it right away. Also use allergy eye drops which help as much as the Flonase. Have had times when it's too late so end up taking 2-3 allergy pills, constantly squirting my eyes with drops and nose with Flonase, such fun. Actually Fall seems to be worse than Spring or Summer.
    When we lived in San Diego areas, we had to move out of one area, was so bad for me, dr.even told me to move. Hubs used to have to wake me up would be struggling to breathe, get blue, sinuses were murder there. Does any of this sound familiar to you? Why do we have to have allergies?
    All 4 of my kids have allergies, oldest boy has had asthma since he was 2 yrs.old. One out of 6 grandkids has asthma but they all have allergies too, poor kids. What a lousy legacy have handed them all.
    Your flower arrangements are always so well done, look real. Glad you can enjoy pretty plants, flowers in some way at least. Your urn does double time, bet you're so glad you have it. I have an urn but have only used it for succulents, phoney ones that is. You've inspired me to try some other faux greenery of some kind. Will have to look for that woody stuff you wound around your stems, very natural looking. You do have special talent arranging flowers, etc. Sometimes I like to just buy a bunch of varied greenery at City market, to me it looks really pretty.
    Wishing you and yours a wonderful and happy Easter.

  7. So pretty, Debra!!! I love all your Easter vignettes and they are perfect for later spring, too. <3 I have yet to find a nice heavy urn but I have one resin one with bird "handles" that I should move over and showcase this spring/summer. Been busy moving things around in the living room and outside I've been painting... Really kind of happy the virus came along and gave me another spring "at home!" Been volunteering at work when we can (school). :)

    Happy to feature this post here at Share Your Style #255 this week!
    Barb :)

  8. Very pretty. Thank you for the inspiration. Especially love the inclusion of the sheep and sheep painting.


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