Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Sunporch switcheroo...

I can't make up my mind.
but more on that momentarily.

First I want to show you a sweet pillow that my talented and creative friend Judy Clark sent me awhile back. Judy's blog is 20 North Ora and she has an Etsy Shop by the same name. I featured Judy's wonderful Mother's Day Memory Pillows yesterday at The Marketplace. If you haven't seen them you'll want to grab one for your mom or yourself. Each season I tuck in something that reflects the mood or holiday of the season. This month that cute little pocket is filled with vintage French seed labels, and sitting out here in the sunporch.

Don't tell anyone,
but I take out my frustrations on my sunporch decor.

That may sound a little weird, but when I need a change or to freshen things up, this is where I usually head. I've been fantasizing thinking of new sofas for the living room, but that's not a reality at this moment, so it's much easier and less expensive to come out here and change up the quilts.

The sunporch is my playroom.

My homemade vintage seed boxes are here on the baker's rack..

along with my only two pieces of Bluebird China;
Little cups sans saucers.

I found this little oval birdie tin a few years ago,
I think it might be a "See's Candy" promo candy tin.

one side...

then the other.

The weather has been so strange;
80's and sunny one day and snowing the next.
I think we have missed most of Spring and will now head right in to Summer.

I tried a few other quilts on the wicker settee, 
but they didn't stay long.
too much red for May...
maybe later in the season.

Love this Grandmother's Flower Garden Quilt from my m-i-l,
but I needed sunglasses.

but in the end they were too bright and summery for now.
so I opted for a feedsack quilt and my "go to" floral and ticking pillows.

There is a floral on the other side of this little quilted throw,
but I changed it our for the little geometric stripe instead.

My three little glass and iron nesting tables,
and my chalkware French Girl lamp.

I always have some Ivy "taking root" in this little English Cottage Teapot.

And this is the coffeetable as it looks this morning with the picnic tin and old tools...

OK, I'm feeling better...
do you have a spot that you wear out changing up?
therapy session now in progress...

I'm joining in for these great weekly parties:

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  1. Very pretty, Debra! I love the "calm" look to the quilts and pillows. It must be relaxing to sit in here. Love those bluebird teacups ~ what a great pattern!

  2. Love your changes - always enjoy your seed boxes especially. After your tutorial, I've been thinking about making my own -- just need to find the right components! Sally

  3. Hi Debra, as you know, your sunporch is my favorite room in your house... I could easily live there year round... I love all of the Nature themed treasures in there, and of course, your vintage quilts... so pretty!... I didn't see any kitties sunning themselves today though???... xoxo Julie Marie

  4. It's so lovely out there, Debra! I've never seen the Bluebird china before...be still my heart...

  5. I love your white wicker on the sun porch. I wouldn't get in a hurry to change it. I think it's lovely the way you change out quilts and make it look different with each season. I had forgotten al about bluebird china. I always wanted some. I remember seeing it in antique stores when I lived in Georgia. I never see it here.

  6. I think it will fit in wherever you tuck it!!!

  7. Debra - Your sun porch looks like a piece of Heaven! So calm, cool and inviting.

    Thanks for including the pillow I made for you.

    Have a great week!


  8. I'm drooling over your flower garden quilt and the tole tray! What a nice sunny spot to play house!

  9. I just adore those blue bird tea cups very different, lovely pics. Blessings, Karen at acapecodnest

  10. I love all the looks on your sun porch. The quilts are wonderful:) I always enjoy seeing your space.

  11. Love how your sunporch takes on so many different looks...all so beautiful and I so admire those seed boxes you created!...

  12. wow! That settee looks just like mine! Did you see my post from last week? http://thecountryfarmhome.blogspot.com/2013/04/farmhouse-chic.html
    They could be twins! Of course, I love it!
    Blessings from the Farmhouse,

  13. I always love to see what you're doing on your wonderful porch, Debra! It looks like such a fun, cozy, relaxing place to hangout.
    Mary Alice

  14. LOVE, love your sunporch!!! Love that you have the bakers rack against the windows, I wouldn't have thought to do that. You remended me to root some ivy too. Love all your pillows, I have a "pillow problem":):) XO, pinky

  15. I always love your porch change ups! It's the perfect way to display collections together. I happen to love your vintage things so I think your room is so cheery! Thanks for sharing your play things! xx

  16. Hello Debra,
    You just play all you want to, because I always like to see the results. Gotta say...I LOVE your MIL's quilt...great colors. As always, the porch looks outstanding!


  17. Your porch is just lovely as it is, but I must say, I ADORE that flower garden quilt! What a treasure!
    I always admire your vignettes--probably at least in part because we both love flowers, birds, and vintage.

  18. I love how you decorate and redecorate this gorgeous room. Your collectibles are wonderful, too!

  19. I LOVE your sun porch, Debra. Everything is so fresh and pretty. And I agree, the feed sack quilt and ticking and floral pillows are perfect for the couch right now. What fun play! Have a great week.

    Laura from sundayview.blogspot.com

  20. Oh Debra, this is so beautiful. I love it. Such a lovely place to sit and relax and you have so many lovely accessories. Hugs, Marty

  21. I get ideas every time you show us the changes on your sunporch. I really so love every bit of it. This time I'm really looking at the quilts and how you arrived at the end of all the changes...it's perfect and I love those pillows. I think I see some quilts in the future on my wicker furniture at the lake!

    I love Judy and she really is marvelous with her creations. The seed packets look great tucked in the pillow!


  22. I always love to see what you're doing on the sun porch, Debra. I'm determined to make one of those seed boxes after seeing your post on those awhile back. No kitties today? Believe me, I have several places I change often!

    Jeanette @ Creating a Life

  23. What a sweet little cushion Debra, The whole room is so inviting.

  24. What a sweet little cushion Debra, The whole room is so inviting.

  25. Gorgeous set up Debra, and I'll tell you what I really like... those old quilts on those chairs!! Especially the yellow one.. is that a back of one? So vintage, so comfy, so pull up a seat and let's chat awhile. Beautiful bird displays, too! Your porch is sweetly spring!

  26. Your sunroom is amazing Debra. Beautiful.

    I love the Bluebird teacups. I always look for Bluebird when out and about. It is one of my favorites. "Elusive" pattern.:-) Your teacups are in exquisite condition!

    I will look at Judy's shop. I love the little pillow.

  27. What a beautiful space! Your quilts are beautiful! Such a lovely and warm room...the pillow is precious too!~~Angela

  28. So pretty! I envy you! It's too humid here to put those fabric things on the porch....I always have to stick with Sunbrella stuff so no quilts, grain sacks, etc....sigh....

  29. LOVE this look on your sunporch! We are currently buying a house and I will have a sunroom for the first time. It is my biggest challenge simply because I've never had one! Great inspiration here! :)

  30. Loving your porch girl~ The feed sack brings back many memories! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  31. Debra,
    I adore the use of quilts on your Sun Porch, dear friend!!! I vote to put the red back...soon!!!
    The bakers rack is Spring perfection!!! The use of seed packets and ivy and the mix of china make such charming vignettes!!! Lovin' still seeing your (our) cabbage tureen there!!!
    I guess the spot that I wear out changing up would have to be my built~in china cabinet!!! I adore displaying my china collections in the glasss shelves and then dressing a vignette beneath to compliment the collection!!!
    Here's to more Spring changes. . .cheers!!!

  32. *sigh*

    my whole house. i can't seem to bring myself to limit it all to one room - so my whole house is always in major upheavel...

    i still wanna come live on your sunporch - Debra - it's all soooooo gorgeous!!!

    ;-) robelyn

  33. Your porch is so beautiful, serene and relaxing. I love how you decorate your home, is the wicker furniture vintage?

  34. Just, wow!, Debra! That looks about as comfy as it gets. Your frustrations sure lead to beautiful things. I just love it!

  35. Spend you money on something else... the little setee is just adorable and so fits your porch. Just charming!

  36. What a gorgeous place to curl up with a good book!

  37. What fun...arranging, re-arranging, arranging, re-arranging... You have such great quilts.

    Okay, tell me your secret for growing ivy. I routinely throw away ivy plants because they become diseased, wilt, and die on the vine.


  38. I am now following and invite you to visit my blog in return.


  39. Totally love this space!
    Honestly, I'd live here forever and never really go to the bedroom!

    Great work there.

    Love from India

  40. I love your sunporch...so inviting, relaxing, and comfortable, with eye candy all around

  41. what a great space! my sunroom is so tiny and longer than it is wide (which makes seating difficult) but it is the perfect extra space. no wonder this is your change up spot, it's great.

  42. What a beautiful, cozy and inviting room! Great job! Hugs,Leena

  43. Good Afternoon Debra,
    The pillows are so sweet, I love them.
    Your porch is fabulous, with so many lovely details. We do not have porches in England so it is lovely to be able to enjoy yours. When I visited Atlanta a few years ago I saw many porches with ferns decorating the front of the porch.
    Debra, I have really enjoyed my visit and I have become a new follower.
    I would like to invite you to visit me at Ivy, Phyllis and Me! when you have the time, you will be most welcome.
    Best Wishes from England.

  44. As always: Gorgeous! That oval birdie tin got my eye this time, everything is just perfect, I love it!

  45. Your sun room is gorgeous! I change something daily in my house. I get bored easily.

  46. Debra, I love your sun porch!!! I have spots in the house that are mine but I want a sun porch!! The quilt and pillow choices are perfect for now( spring) and into summer. I spotted your iron nesting tables before you mentioned them. They are darling! I've got to find some!

  47. Debra it all looks so lovely! I spied your flower frogs and just adore them. I just started collecting them. Thanx for partying at my place!

  48. Hello Debra, you are so very creative in all the different looks to your sunroom - so much fun - really love this theme! I hope you have a blessed day,

  49. Your sun porch is so charming. I LOVE your floral pillows with the ticking stripes and label pillow. Just the perfect combination and softness for spring (with a few flurries.)

  50. A fun room to be in and to decorate.

  51. This is such a beautiful and inviting space, I love how cozy it is and so full of charm.

  52. The Sun porch is so pretty, I love seeing you transform for the season, the end result is Perfect... love those little blue bird dishes & that tin is wonderful....

  53. love your porch. I wish we could sip tea there together. So pretty!

  54. Wow if this were mine, I wouldn't ever want to leave it!! Gorgeous!

  55. Debra, what a fun place to play around! So many wonderful quilts, but I do adore the feedsack look. Once warm weather hits I play around in my gardens and under the pergola. Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  56. Love everything about this...beautiful would love it if you came by and shared at One More Time Events. http://www.onemoretimeevents.com/2013/05/share-it-one-more-timemay-features-and.html

  57. Beautiful! I adore the quilts and your baker's rack display....lovely, lovely.
    Great way to soothe your soul.....
    Come for a visit....

  58. I love your sunroom. I also have always been fond of the blueberry china but I have never seen teacups before. Great finds. Thank you for joining Home Sweet Sweet.

  59. Just wondering where you got the cabbage rose fabric to make the two pillows on the wicker sofa? I have a slipcover like that fabric for my sofa, that I got about 15 years ago and would LOVE to find more of that fabric. I hope you can tell me where you got it! THANKS! Mary Nell


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