Sunday, May 8, 2016

Vintage Blooming Prints and the Consult

I don't have a lot of "blooms" around here yet. I've been putting off planting containers outside until I felt more like taking care of them. Some days I don't get much accomplished except laundry and putting something easy together for dinner. I'm really missing the color of my spring containers full of Geraniums, Million Bells and Lantana. So for now, I'm enjoying these old prints on the console in the Entry. Hopefully, I can get some plants out in a few weeks. It looks sort of bleak and forlorn around here.

And...I wanted to let you know how the consult went with the Cardiologist who will do the new CTO Heart Surgical Procedure. He evaluated my tests and feels like he can make a little headway. We only discussed one of the major arteries. It's the biggest and the one that will make the most difference in how I feel. He said the procedure could take up to 4-5 hours to complete, depending on how he's able to maneuver and how many arteries he has to work with. He has a plan, but it's one of those "be flexible" situations, that's sort of "you work with what you have".

This will be toward the end of the month, so I'm trying to stay optimistic and positive with the outcome. Even if he can open up this one artery, it will help with the angina and give me more energy. He says this isn't a procedure to prevent heart attacks, or extend your life, but based completely on improving quality of life. "That's fine with me", I told him, as mine has been severely lacking this last 6 months, even the last several years, since I had the blood clots back in 2013.

Going through my stashes of prints, I found a couple of my Robert Atkinson Fox vintage prints. They bring a smile to my face when I look at them. Nothing like a Garden in Bloom.

The PB Urn is still here with a faux Paperwhite;
 it reminds me a little of the intricate blooms of an orchid.

I'm hoping I can get back to my life soon; I don't do well as a "shut-in". I love to read, but even that has it's limits. I haven't had the energy to get out much, and driving isn't easy since I've had a lot of dizziness along with the rest of the fun. I'm not going to continue complaining, but just feel like I need to give voice to the many people who suffer with this and no one thinks anything can be done. Most people cannot understand the concept of daily heart pain and because of that don't understand what we go through. I can't tell you how many people say "but you don't look sick..." Heck no, do you think I want to go around LOOKING like I feel? no.

I asked the Cardiologist why I hadn't heard of this procedure before, and why no one seems to know about it. The answer...? He said that the reason more cardiologists don't do this is because there's no money in it. The procedure of course takes specialized training, equipment, and lot's of time. So because of that it's not worth it financially to them. Cardiologists can make a lot more money just doing emergency interventions than they can doing this lengthy involved procedure. He said he basically only gets 90 dollars more to do this from Medicare or Medicaid, than with the much less complicated and more frequently needed angiogram. I'm not on Medicare so thankfully my insurance will pay him a little more. 

There are so many people who live with daily chest pain and limited energy because of heart problems. They can't exercise, climb stairs, go shopping, do yard work, housework ... nothing more strenuous than walking around the house, and even some days that's a "good day". No babysitting grandbabies, working in the garden, hosting a Holiday get-together, or evening walks with a loved one ...things many of us take for granted. And often these same people are not "old or elderly", but otherwise healthy individuals who are still in their prime. 

OK, I'll get back with you after the procedure. You all know how much I appreciate your good thoughts and prayers. Thanks for letting me share my thoughts, and as I said before, type CTO Chronic Total Occlusion Heart Surgery into your search engine for lot's of information. And if you know someone who is physically diminished by angina and Heart Disease, then give them the word.

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