Sunday, May 22, 2016

French Cottage

Hi Friends, I wanted to share a new publication by Hoffman Media that I think many of you will really enjoy, but may not have heard about. It's from the company that puts out two of my favorites, Victoria Magazine and The Cottage Journal. Last Spring they released a Special Issue called French Cottage. It was in magazine form, but could have been a hardcover "coffee table" edition. This year Hoffman came out with a second edition, this time in the hard cover.

I love decor books and magazines, but what I'm not fond of is thinking of purchasing a publication without some idea of what waits inside. Recently I heard that one very popular decor book (from a different publisher) has been "re-published". The same book was put out again only a few years later, with just a different cover. really bad on that one... The original was wonderful, but so tacky to confuse buyers, thinking they are getting a new book. Not this one, even though it has the same name and a similar cover. This 2016 Edition is full of wonderful photos and articles about one of my favorite styles, French Cottage.

I just happened to snap a few photos here on my French Grain Sack, 
so you can see what's waiting inside.

As you can see it has a mostly white and neutral theme, but it does show color.

Last Fall I did a post on A Nature Inspired Autumn Urn, 
an inspiration from the 2015 French Cottage publication


This is NOT a sponsored post, I just wanted to share a beautiful new book;
one that I thought you might enjoy as much as I have.

I finally made it to the plant nursery, 
so I can put together a container for the front courtyard.
I'm way behind on Spring...

Have a wonderful weekend!


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