Saturday, March 19, 2016

Peach Blossom Branches and a Cover-up

We have a couple of fruit trees in the back yard planted by the previous owner,
and this "Doughnut Peach Tree" really puts on a Spring-time Show.

View from the back deck.

These wonderful pink blooms smell heavenly too,
So far no problems with allergies.
But the kitties made a Bee-line to them first thing.

I have out one of my Spring-y Faux Majolica Pitchers
featuring a Blue Bird and Nest.

For the most part we had no big problems with breakage from the move,
but for some reason, this pitcher had several chipped places
that were pretty noticeable.

I could have just kept it turned the other direction, but I decided I'd take a minute and try to camouflage the damage just a little. Regular brown acrylic craft paint and a glossy latex varnish to the rescue. It's certainly not perfect, I just didn't want the bare white pottery showing up. That was much more obvious than an amateur "cover up". I've done this many times before in an attempt to salvage a piece of pottery or ceramics. Certainly, it's no longer sellable or of value...except to me. At least now I can use it, instead of throwing it out.

Back to the branches, that are the star of the show!

Hope you're having a beautiful weekend, 
chilly and windy here,
We're on the weather rollercoaster this time of year!

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