Saturday, February 6, 2016

Moss Covered Heart on the Old Door

Do you want to know what the hardest part of "not blogging" has been...?

(aside from not visiting with you all)

...that I hadn't picked up my camera in almost 2 months.

my creative "self" was falling by the wayside.

I'd look at my camera, but I hadn't touched it,
and it was just begging to be cradled.

so I gave in...a little.
I do have some new personal blogging rules...

I kept my Tartan Plaids out in the Kitchen Sitting Room and Living Room until the end of January, (thoroughly enjoying the cozy warmth they added), but then tucked them away till next year. I still wanted red for Valentine's Day so my Toile Floral Quilt and Pillows replaced them.

I had found this little floral needlepoint last Fall and I added it in.
The cats don't like too many pillows ruining their sleep spots,
 as they have to find the "just right" place to curl up.

 It was exactly a year ago that I made this moss covered heart,
 but I've made one little change...

It had a yellow rose instead of the red one,
but for Valentine's Day, I think I like the red one more.

And, do you remember the mirror?

It was a permanent fixture for the old door on the Sunporch.
I found it again last month,

so it's back where it belongs,
with it's partner again.

Thank you again for all the wonderful comments on my last post.
I'm trying to work through some of my blogging fears issues,
and gain some perspective on my life...
I can't stay under the covers forever.

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