Saturday, February 7, 2015

Valentine Birdies, a Photo Bomb, and a Winner

For me, Valentines Day signals the end of winter and the start of all things Spring in my decorating. Even though the weather sometimes doesn't agree, I put away all my evergreens and snowy winter-y things and concentrate on bringing in a few flowering faux branches, some lighter colors, and start thinking garden and seeds.

I have a little snow on the north side of the house, just about as much that is on the tiny evergreen tree here in my ironstone pitcher on the Kitchen table. I love watching cardinals because they are so sweet to one another. The male feeds the momma and babies, and babysits when momma needs a break. I've missed my birds this last year, but we have a section of wooded area behind us and the trees are filled with all sorts of bird talk and nests.

As soon as I bring out the camera I have a couple of fur girls that inevitably need my undivided attention, and think that it's appropriate to lounge all over whatever and wherever I'm shooting. Hmmm. maybe that pitchfork in the background could be put to some use.

Just so you won't think I'm a slob, I do wipe down the table and "de-hair" it before we sit down to eat. If you have a cat you know that they pretty much do what they want despite protests and efforts to discipline.

So, back to the bits of Valentine decor here in the kitchen...

I'll share the rest of the Kitchen Valentine decorating, next post.
I still have a little tweaking to do.


This wonderful little lacy heart was a gift a few years ago

And a big "Thank You" to all of you who joined in on the Pin Your Pillow Give Away with Elliott Heath Designs. I appreciate your support of Heather and her wonderful Etsy Shop.

is Kirby from Kirb Appeal!!

Have a great weekend,
it's supposed to be 70 here, YAY!

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